To the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons, Assembled in Parliament.
The Humble Petition of many Poor Distressed Sea-mens Wives, and Widows.

Most Humbly Sheweth,

THat whereas there being Arrears of Wages due to your poor Petitioners, for Service done in his MAJESTIES Ships, [...] the Year (1658.) the want thereof, hath exposed your Petitioners, together with their Families, to great Wants and Miseries; and so weakned their Credits with poor Trades­men; namely, Chandlers, Bakers, Butchers, and the like, that usually Credit them with Provisions of Victuals in the ab­sence of their Husbands; that your poor Petitioners with their Families are in danger of perishing, and are in great want, and are daily imprisoned; and others for non-payment of their Rent, turned out of their Habitations, with their Wives and Families.

In tender Consideration of the Premisses, May it gracious;ly please these Honourable Houses of Peers and Commons, now in the High Court of Parliament Assembled, to take the Premisses in­to your Serious and Pious Considerations, and to take such Or­der for satisfying their Arrears of Wages, that so your Poor Petitioners may thereby be enabled to satisfie those poor Trades­men that have intrusted them with Food: And for the Fu­ture to keep them and their poor Families from Starving, and Perishing: All which we humbly beg, and wholly refer to your Honours Grave Wisdoms, and Pious Considerations.

And we, as in Duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.

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