To the Right Honourable the Lord high Chancellor, and remanent Lords of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Council.
The Humble Petition of His Majesties Printer and Servants.

Humbly sheweth,

THat where Your Petitioners are necessarly Employed in His Majesties Service at all times, but especially in time of War, when Publick Papers are so frequent at the Press, which necessitats us to be at Work both Day and Night, at all Times, and on all Occasions; It's therefore Humbly Desired, That as the Kings Printers and their Servants in all Kingdoms are Exempted, not only from personal Attendance on Publick Occasions, and at all times; but are Freed from all Burthen whatsoever: So that the Petitioners may be accordingly Exempted, whereby they will be enabled to Serve His Ma­jesty in their Employment; and that this may be made the more effectual, To Discharge the Magistrats of Edinburgh from troubling the Petitioners in all time coming, with Watchings, Wardings, Outreick of the Militia, or such other Publick Burthens,

And we and our Successors, Serving His Majesty in the said Art shall ever Pray, &c.
By Order of the Secret Committee, TARBAT.

For the whole Officers of the Militia-Regiment, within the Good Town of Edinburgh, who may be herein respectively concerned, and whole Officers of the Train-bands thereof.

YOU are hereby Discharged from troubling and molesting M•S, Tailzifer, or any of her Servants imployed in the Printing-house, in attending the Mi­litia, or any of your Companies, in respect of the constant Imployment they have in the Publick Con­cerns; For which these shall be your Warrand, un­der my Hand, At Edinburgh, the 21 of May, 1685. years.


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