To the most Illustrious and Serene PRINCE, His Royal Highness,

Welcom, Great PRINCE, the most August in Name,
Important Time did ever bring to Fame.
Live ever Crown'd with Merit of Renown;
Long may You live, and see the World Your Own.
In After-Times may Crowns of Bliss attend You;
And may the Lord of Life (the Lamb) Defend You;
May Righteousness Espouse You, Glories End You.
Happiest of PRINCES, all Good Mens Delight!
Excelling Virtues shine in You most bright;
Noble in Blood, but Nobler far in Mind;
Religion groans to be by You refin'd:
Your Safe Protection She implores with Tears;
Put Her not off, till You redress Her Fears.
Rescue Her from the Toyls of Babel's Whore;
Insulting Rome bring prostrate on the Floor.
Nip France's Pride, Pull Hell's Great Lewis down;
Confound his Glory, and Debase his Crown:
Enquire into the Time; for it is Now,
Old Antichrist must to the Christian bow.
Fight then, Great SIR, Christ's Cause, His Faith defend;
Observe His Laws, and on His Word depend:
Raise up His Standard, and proclaim His War;
Accept the Guardian Sword of Eighty's Star.
None shall Oppose and Prosper, but shall Fall.
Greatly confide in GOD, whose Armies shall
Extirpate the False Prophet, Beast and All.
Assume the Titles which await Your Brow,
Not such as Potentates do covet Now.
Dispose Your Self Protector for to be,
Not of Baal's Legions, but Protestancie.
Accelerate Your Gideonick Force;
Steer to the Kingdom void of all Remorse:
Secure under Heav'ns Banner You shall Fight,
And Vanquish Them; yea, put them all to Flight,
Where they shall perish in Eternal Night.
Protector of the Protestant Religion throughout the World.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Salusbury, at the Sign Of the Temple neat Temple-Bar. 1683.

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