TO The Kings most Excellent Majesty, AND THE LORDS and COMMONS Assembled in this present PARLIAMENT.
The most humble SUPPLICATION of all those Commission-Officers, &c. that have faithfully and constantly Served and Suffered for Your Majesty's Royal Father of ever blessed memory, and Your most Sacred Majesty.

Humbly sheweth, That
NOr Honour, Power, Place, Preheminence
We seek above our Sovereign's gratious Sence;
But in dishonour to lie down and die
Pris'ners, or sterved, is the thing we flye.
Now we have spent the prime of all our Youth
To serve our Prince, and to adhere to Truth,
'T were hard we should be forc'd to find new Fates,
Forsake our Countrey to serve other States
For meer Necessity; this, this would touch
Your Honours neerly, and our Comforts much.
Sirach's wise Son affirms, it was his Grief,
To see a Man of War to want Relief.
Our blessed Saviours words are very plain,
Those shall, that suffer with me, with me Reign.
And the same word puts in this perfect barr,
At his own private charge none goes to War.
We would prevent our Ruine, and no more;
We strive not to be rich, not to be poor,
A competent subsist for each degree
Is all we ask, and that which cannot be
We think deni'd us; for our Constancy
Did serve as well the Church, and rais'd as high
The Kingdom's as the King's Prosperity.
Then since it was the whole we lov'd and serv'd,
We have in love, and honor, well deserv'd
From all, and every part, and humbly hope
All Interests will give us such a scope
In our Addresses, that without offence,
We may Addresse to all, and all dispence
Proportionable parts for our relief,
To take a way your shame, their scorn, our grief.
You see we'ave waited patiently almost
As many moneths since God hath blest our Coast;
With our dear Sovereigns presence, as before,
We suffer'd years in Captiv'd state, nay, more:
Nor gentle have our sufferings been, yet we
Have borne it all humbly and patiently.
Now Royall Majesty, most Noble Lords,
And Faithfull Commons we addresse our words,
Directly to you, and do Supplicate
A rem'dy for our yet unhappy State.
You that so nobly have discharged those
That proved Civil in the later close,
You that have paid the Navy and the Army,
(Wisely preventing they no more should harm ye)
And have (to preserve peace) declar'd that all
(Not after erring) shall become equal.
Then make us so, in being at least so blest
In your just bounty, as were all the rest.

And we shall make our Hemisphere to ring. (In gratefullest resounds) God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by R. D. 1661.

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