To His Grace John Marquess of Tweeddale, His Ma­jesties High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Scotland.
The humble PETITION of Nicholas Dupin Esquire, Joseph Blake, Peter Kerste­man, and Nathaniel VVyersdale of London Merchants, in behalf of themselves and divers other Merchants of the City of London, their Partners, for WORKING of all sorts of MINES and MINE­RALLS in this His MAJESTIES ancient Kingdom of SCOTLAND.

Most humbly sheweth,

THat Your Petitioners for these several years by-past, have at their own proper Costs and Charges in Forreign parts, and at home, made it their Business to find out and discover, the Art and Mystery not heretofore used in this Kingdom, viz. The Art of Finding, Preparing, and Working of Mines, and all sorts of Minerals, Oars and Mettals. And to that end, Your Petitioners have provided and agreed with several skillful Outlan­dish Ingeneers, and others, well known to be good and experienced Artists, in discovering all sorts of Mines, and Working and Smelting all sorts of Minerals, Oars and Mettals whatsoever.

And whereas Your Petitioners have agreed, and taken sundry Leases or Tacks from several persons in this Kingdom, for considerable Terms of years, of their Mines, Oars, and Minerals in their Lands. And for the establishing and better carrying on so good and National an Undertaking, (without the least intent to hinder or prejudice any other person, or persons whatsoever, who have already set up the Working any Mines or Minerals in this Kingdom) have raised a considerable Joynt Stock, to be imployed in their Mines and Minerals here; by means whereof, not only their said Ingeneers and Artists, but also a great number of poor People and others, are at present actually im­ployed, which will highly advance the Wealth of this Kingdom, by bringing forth out of the Ground, those Treasures that have been so long hidden.

And whereas Your Petitioners are credibly informed, that great quantities of Copper is yearly imported from Swedland, and several other Forreign parts, into this Kingdom, to the great prejudice of the Ballance of Trade. And Your Petitioners being well assured, of being able out of their several Mines, to furnish this Kingdom with Good Fine Copper, which for the future will not only be a Means to prevent the Importation thereof, but will also save great Sums of money in this Kingdom, which hath heretofore gone thence to answer the same; and will imploy many poor People, improve Trade, and tend to the enriching this Nation.

Your Petitioners therefore, in behalf of themselves and their several Part­ners, humbly pray this Most Honourable House of Parliament, will be pleased to grant unto Your Petitioners, that the said Mines and Mine­ral-Works, and Undertakings, may be created a Manufactory; and from henceforth be called by The Name of The Company, for Working of Mines and Minerals in the Kingdom of Scotland: With Priviledge unto Your Petitioners, to make, or cause to be made, Pence, Half­pence and Boadles, out of the Copper of this Nation; with a proviso therein, that the same shall not hinder nor obstruct any person or per­sons, who have already set up the Working Mines, Minerals or fore­saids in this Kingdoms Provided also, that the foresaid Grant shall not prejudice His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, in their Rents, Rights and Revenues, out of any Royal Mines in this Kingdom.

And Your Petitioners shall ever pray: &c.

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