CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith;
To Our Lovites, [...] Macers or Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, Conjunctly and severally, specially Constitute, Greeting;

Forasmuch, as The Lords of The Committy of our privy Council met in the west, By Comission from our privy Council, Having in pursueance of the Comission and instructions given to them, issued forth a Proclamatione upon the nynth of this instant; Requyreing and Commanding all and sundry the Heretors, Lyfrentars, and Land-Lords within the Shyre of Air, and Jurisdictions within the same; To appear personally be­fore the saids Lords within the Tolbuith of the burgh of Air, upon the respective dayes therein mentioned; To give Band for themselves, there men, Tenents, Servants, and Cottars for the securitie of the peace, and quyet of the Countrey, and preser­ving the same from disorders heireafter, at the particular Dyets therein specified, As they would be answerable; Notwithstand­ing thereof many of the saids Heretors, and others forsaids, Have not appeared, And divers of such as did appear have refused to Subscryue the said Band, And we having Just reason to Suspect that these persons may seek after, or wait for some occasion of further dissturbance; And finding it unfit that they should have or keep any other Horses but Such as may be necessare for Ploughing, and Labouring of the ground. Wee therefore with advice of the saids Lords of the Committy of our privy Council doe hereby re­quire and command all Heretors, Fewars, Lyfrentars, and Land-Lords within the said Shyre of Air, and Jurisdictions within the same (who have not given the said Band) To put out of there possession, and furth of the saids bounds, all Horses and meers belong­ing to them, above the value of Fifty pounds Scots betwixt and the first day of March nixt to come. And doe discharge them, and every one of them, to have or keep any such Horses or meers thereafter, above the said value without Speciall Licence from the Lords of our Council, or there Committy under the paine of forfaulting of there Horses or Meers, And payment to the Lords Com­missioners of our Thesaurie for our use, or any that shal be appoynted by them of the soume of An Hundreth pounds Scots for each Horse or meet above the value forsaid that the said persons or any of them shall have or keep after the said day. As also we ordaine all Tenents, Cottars, or Servants within the saids bounds betwixt and the first day of May nixt. To put out of there possession and furth of the said Shyre and Jurisdictions forsaids, any horses or meers belonging to them above the said value without speciall Licence, as said is, under the paine of forfaulting the saids horses and meers and payment of the penaltie above writen. OUR WILL is Herefore And we charge you straitlie and Command, That incontinent these our Letters sein, ye pass to the Mercat Cross of Air, Head-burgh of the Shereffdome thereof. And to the mercat Croses of the Bailliaries of Cuninghame and Carrik within the same And other places needfull, and thereat in our Name and Authority by open Proclamation, make Publication of the Premisses, that none pretend ignorance. The which to do we commit to you conjunctly and severallie our full power, by their Our Letters delivering them be you duely execute and indorsed again to the Bearer.

Per Actum Dominorum Commissionis Hugh Stevenson, Cl. Com:

God save the King,

GLASGOW, Printed By Robert Sanders, Printer to the City and University.

By warrant of the Committy of Council 1678.

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