The Subjects Satisfaction
Being a New SONG of the Proclaiming King William and Queen Mary the 13th of this Instant February; to the great Joy and Comfort of the whole Kingdom

To the Tune of, Grim King of the Ghosts, Or, Hail to the Mirtle Shades.
[portraits of King William and Queen Mary attended by crown-bearing cherub]
KIng William is come to the Throne,
the Nations Defender to be,
And this is a blessing we own,
ordain'd by the Heavens Decree;
Let Protestants truly rejoyce,
and Bells too as merrily Ring,
While all with a laudable voice,
cry God bless great William our King.
Queen Mary his Royal Consort,
inuested with Fame and Renown,
She is the bright Star of the Court,
as being the Heir to the Crown:
Long may they both flourish and Reign,
their Fame thorow Europe to ring
While Subjects they cry out amain,
God prosper great William our King.
The Triumph of that Noble day,
as they were in London proclaim'd,
Was duly observ'd e'ry way,
vast Bone-fiues gallantly flam'd:
Canary was plenty and free,
as Water that flows from a Spring,
While all in one voice did agree,
saying, God bless great William our King.
As being releas'd from that fear,
which threatned this Nation of late,
A blessing is come in the rear,
to settle Religion and State:
The Glory of Brittain is come,
then Boy, let us merrily sing,
And turn a Glass over your Thumb,
with God save great William our King.
There is such a change in the Scene,
which soon all our joys will restore
A Protestant King and a Queen,
the like was scarce ever before:
Let loud Acclamations resound,
and make the high Elements ring,
The Glory of Brittain is found,
in our true Protestant King.
Now good Queen Elizabeth's Laws,
in full force and power shall stand,
To maintain the Protestant Cause,
and make this a flourishing Land:
We'll purge out all Popery quite,
which Plots to this Nation did bring
And all in Obedience unite,
to pray for great William our King.
The Lords and the Commons agreed,
and gave satisfaction to all,
Tho' Romans false rumours did breed,
and hop'd they at variance wou'd fall;
Yet Heaven has blest the great work,
which joy to this Nation did bring,
[...] for the French or the Turk,
now we have a Protestant King.
Except those that wou'd us destroy,
there is not a sorowful Soul,
The Land is transported with Ioy,
full hampers does merrily troul:
Great Guns at the Tower did roar[?]
while Fame she was boasting on wing
To carry the tydings all o're,
of William our Protestant King.
Let Mary his Royal good Queen
be blest by the powers above,
And that to her joy may be seen,[?]
a Mother e're long she may prove;
And have a [...]
whose fame [...] ring
And sit in the [...]one,
to Reign [...] King.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in [...]

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