Strange and Wonderful News from ROME

Giving an Account of an old Man lately and strangely known to be in the City of Rome, in Itaty, and [...] came Invisibly thither; together with his Eleven Strange and Wonderful PROPHESIES, which particularly do mention wh [...] happe [...]: the wing also how he breaks strong Iron Chains in pieces, as if they were Brown-thread, with many more strange W [...]s, neve [...] like ever heard of before, as [...]ming the Year when there shall be no Pope, and Rome shall have no Head, and the Go [...] shall be p [...]ched throughout the WORLD.

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It is not unknown to most who are pleased to take Cognisance of Wonders and strange Miracles, which this present Age doth frequently represent; that of late Years we have been exceed­ingly astonisht at several (to us strange and seldom heard of) much to be admired Wonders: But now prepare your Ears to hear the most amazing and most unparallel'd Miracle that ever Eng­land was made sensible of, or I think the whole World was ever made acquainted with; nay, so wonderfully strange, and seemingly impos­sible to be true, that though it be attested with manifold Assertions, it cannot lodge in the breast of the Incredulous, as an unquestionable Verity. But to proceed to the matter intended, and not too much to derogate from my desined Business, let this inform the most doubt­ful and unbelieving Reader, That there is lately an account sent from Italy, of the strange manner of the coming of one Man into the City of Rome, eminently known by many Travellers, to be one of the Ci­ties not least accounted of in Italy; this Person of such an Age (as he says he is) no less to be admired for his great Age, then for his strange kind of Prophesies, which he daily parts with; and his man­ner of coming into the City, which we are informed was invisible; but to come to particulars: This Person doth affirm, That his Age is greater then e're was heard off, for he doth say he is above a thou­sand Years old; he doth pretend to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ, and says that he hath the Spirit of Truth in him; with many other Assertions, no less full of Wonder then that you have already heard of in the preceeding lines: His manner of Apparel is no less to be admir'd then his manner of Discourse, for such Habit as we are informed he doth wear, was never seen by mortal eye; his Deportment is also ve­ry strange, for he walks up and down the City, preaching and admo­nishing to serious Repentance, and giving admirable Advice to the People to forsake their Iniquities, and to return from their evil Ways, for, says he, The wrath of God is kindled against the Romans. He also adds, That the City of Rome is a second Sodom; and that the Trans­gressions of the People have ascended to the Heavens, and approach­ed to the Ears of the Almighty, and that nothing can preserve them from approaching. Misery, but speedy, and unseigned Repentance; without which, he doth assert, that in three Years the City shall be utterly destroyed and consumed by Fire. By our last Advice we are informed, that this Man had continued there for the space of eight Days, preaching about the City: his custom is to go bare-headed and bare-footed, strange to behold. The Magistrates being offended at his Doctrine, have forbidden him to preach; but he took no more notice thereof, then to return this answer, That he was sent from God to move the People to Repentance, and to abandon those Iniquities, which if not deserted, would doubtlesly pull down Vengeance upon them in a short time. After this, order was given for his, Confinement; which being per­formed, he was frequently visited by several Jesuits, who discoursed with him in several Tongues, namely, the Latine, Hebrew, and Chal­dean, wherein he was exquisitely perfect. He also acknowledges that he knows well such as live loose and wicked Lives. Ha is not o­vercurious in his Dyet, for his greatest Delicate, and general Food is nothing but dry Bread; and his strongest Drink is Water only. He prophesies of many strange things, and the time when ail the Wick­edness in the World should have an end, and every one shall serve the Lord; and wormp the God of Heaven than Nation shall no more rise against Nation, nor Kingdom against Kingdom, all the World shall be at peace. Being asked by some of the amazed People, whose astonishments were as great as his answers strange, How long it would be before this blessed Day would come? His reply was abso­lute, and about the Year 1699, should certainly be the end of all Wickedness in the World: all Nations shall live in the fear of the Lord; all the World shall be at peace. His strange and unknown coming into that City was admired by all: at last he was examined by the Magistrates from whence he came: He answered, That he came from a place called Galadiam in Damas, a City of Gallilea, and is the Messenger of the Almighty, sent to preach Repentance to the sin­ful World. But the Jesuits not at all pleased with his Doctrine or Discourse, have prevalently perswaded their Magistrates to conde­scend to what they so earnestly requested, which is, That this Per­son, on whom we know not what Title justly to bestow, should by all means be conveyed to the Pope, there to be examined by his Holiness: But he makes tittle account of what is ordered, saying, That he is ve­ry well acquainted with what shall be his Portion, and what shall be­come of him; and that he looked upon it altogether Unnecessary to be so loaded with Chains; but did acknowledge that he was very desirous to see the Pope; and so without any difficulty, and with great ease, breaking the Chains all to pieces, he filled the Spectators with astonishment, as the Report of these Wonders will certainly fill with amazement, all those to whom this matter shall be communica­ted. But besides all this, he prophesie what Transactions shall happen yearly, which I shall particularize as followeth: He prophesies, That

In 1693 great Changes you will hear of and see.

In 1694 shall be Wars over all the World.

In 1695 Rome shall begin to fall, and England shall begin to thrive.

In 1696 shall be no Pope, and Rome shall have no Head.

In 1697 the Turk shall turn Christian.

In 1698 the Gospel shall be preached throughout the World.

In 1699 a great Man shall rise.

In 1700 all the World shall be at Peace.

In 1701 Jesus Christ shall be known to all Mankind.

In 1702 a great Earthquake shall happen.

In 1703 will be the time when the Jews will be called.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Gilt-spur-street.

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