THE QUAKERS WEDDING, October, 24. 1671.

O Times! O Manners! Whither's Levy fled,
That Law and Gospel seem Abolished?
[...]he Red-Nos'd Dragon with his Complices,
To Fundamental Truths Antipodes,
That Coccatrice this cursed Egg has hatch'd
And taught us worse than ever to be Matcht.
They publish (then) at whipping-posts the Banes,
And well I think deserv'd'um for their pains.
But we can Marry now, hand over-head,
And not have so much as a Form to plead.
We are not now unto the Justice packt,
(Though then there was small Justice in the Act).
But we can Marry of our own accord,
Like Jack and Gill, but leaping cross a Sword.
But against parties coupled on this wise,
Westminster-Weddings will in judgment Rise,
That they should stumble, and pretend such Light,
They Marry wrong, and call't a Marriage-Rite.
The Libertine comes in the Levits room,
And is at once the Parson and the Groom.
He babbles like a Brute, and by and by,
He takes the Bride, and goes to Multiply.
The Bride? I do recall what I have said,
'Tis not a Bridal, but a Brothel bed;
They for Conjunction Copulative would pass,
When the Conjunction a Disjunctive was.
For having Lain together all their Life,
They are, but as they met, not Man and Wife.
And for a mitigation of their Cares,
They may have many Children, but no Heirs.
And, what a Marryed-Man could never yet,
He may a Bastard of his Wife beget.
For wanting Licence, and Certificate,
He leaves his Issue illegitimate.
The Sons and Daughters of the Common Earth,
An Off-spring out-Law'd in their very Birth.
What made, them Jews and Gentiles to Invite?
Sure they could never hope a Proselyte.
How Heaven approv'd the Juggle? you may tell
When Thunder, Lightning, and a Tempest fell
Confusion waited on both Men and Meat,
Their Marriage, and their Feast, were both a Che [...]
A Wedding, and no Wedding brought before y [...]
The Devil doubtless was the Directory.
Some Hellebor restore 'um, to recant,
This fordid League, and senceless Covenant.
O that such Vileness should affront the Sun,
Would make a Corner blush to see it done!
Whilst, almost mad as they, the People ran,
To see a Sinner take a Publican.
Steven [...]

LONDON, Printed for Rowland Reynolds, at the Sun and Bible in the Poultry, 1671.

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