I Most humbly Intreat your Lordships Favourable Interpretation, of what I now Write, That since your Lordships, are resolved to Pro­ceed against those, who have not complyed with the Kings Com­mand, in Reading His Declaration. It is absolutely impossible, for me to Serve His Majesty any longer, in this Commission: I beg leave to tell your Lordships, that tho I my Self, did submit in that particular, yet I will never be any way Instrumental, in Punishing those, my Brethren, that did not. For, as I call God to Witness, that what I did, was meerly in a Principal of Conscience: So I am fully satisfied, that their forbearance, was upon the same Principle. I have no Reason to think otherwise of the whole Body of our Clergy, who upon all Occasions, have signaliz'd their Loyalty to the Crown; and their Zealous Affections to His Present Majesty's P [...]rson, in the worst of Times. Now my Lords, the safety of the whole Church of England, seeming to be exceedingly concerned in this Prosecu­tion: I must declare, I cannot with a safe Conscience, Sit or Judge in this Cause, upon so many Pious and Excellent Men, with whom (if it be God's Will) it rather becomes me to Suffer, then to be in the least, Oc­ [...]on to their Sufferings. I therefore, earnestly request your Lordships, [...] [...]terceed with His Majesty, that I may be Graciously dismissed, from any [...]her Attendance at your Board: And to assure him, that I am still rea­ [...] to Sacrifice, what ever I have to His Service, but my Conscience and [...]ligion.

My Lords,
I am Your Lordships, Most Faithful, and Obedient Servant, Rochester.

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