The Sorrowful Lamentation of The Pedlars, and Petty Chapmen, for the hardness of the times, and the decay of Trade.

To the Tune of, My Life and my Death.

This may be Printed, R. P.

The times are grown hard, more harder then stone,
And therefore the Pedlars may well make their moan,
Lament and complain that trading is dead,
That all the sweet Golden fair Days now are fled,
Then Maidens and Men, Come see what you lack,
And buy the fine toys that I have in my pack.
Come hither and view, here's choice and here's store
Here's all things to please ye, what would you have more,
Here's Points for the Men, and Pins for the Maid,
Then Open your Purses and be not afraid:
Come Maidens, &c.
Let none at a Tester repent or repine,
Come bring me your money and i'le make you fine,
Young Billy shall look as spruce as the day,
And pretty sweet Betty more finer then May:
Then Maidens, &c.
To buy a new Licence, your mony I crave,
'Tis that which I want, and 'tis that which you have,
Exchange then a Groat, for some pretty toy,
Come buy this fine Whisstle for your little boy,
Come Maidens and Men, come see what you lack,
Come buy my fine Toys that I have in my Pack.
Here's Garters for Hose, and Cotten for shooes,
And there's a Guilt Bodkin which none would refuse.
This Bodkin let John give sweet Misstriss Jane,
And then of unkindn [...]ss he shall not complain.
Come Maidens, &c.
Come buy this fine Coife this dressing or Hood.
And let not your money come like drops of blood;
The Pedlar may well of Fortune complain,
If he brings all his ware to the Market in vaine,
Then Maidens, &c.
Here's Bandstrings for men, and there you have lace,
Bone-lace to adore the fair Virgins sweet face,
What ever you like if you will but pay,
as soon as you please you may take it away:
Then Maidens, &c.
The World is so hard, that we find little trade,
Although we have all things to please Every Maid,
Come pretty fair Maids then make no delay,
But give me your hansel, and P [...]ck me away.
Come Maidens, &c.
Here's all things that's Fine, and all things that's rare,
All modish and neat, and all new London-Ware.
Uariety here you plainly may see,
Then give me your Money, & we will agree
Come Maiden, and Men, come see what ye lack,
Come buy these fine-Toyes that I have in my Pack.
We travail all day through Dirt, and through Mire,
To tetch you fine laces and what you desire,
To Pains we do spare, to b [...]ing you Choice Ware,
As Gloves, and Perfumes, and sweet Powder for hair.
The Maidens, &c.
We have choice of Songs and merry b [...]oks too,
All Pleasant, & Witty Delightfull, & New,
Which Chery young swain may Whistie at Plough
And Every fair Milk-Maid may sing to her Cow.
Then Maidens, &c.
Since Trading's so dead we must needs complain,
And therefore pray let us have some little Gain:
If you will be free, we will you Supply
With what [...]ou do want, therefore pray come and buy,
The world is so hard that although we take Pains,
When we look in our Purses, we find little gains.

Printed for I. Back, at the Black-boy on Londonbridge.

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