The Secret Lover.
OR: The Jealous Father Beguil'd.

Loves passion is not easily kept under,
Nor faithful Lovers to be kept asunder;
Because you know the Proverb it is so,
That love will creep, when as it cannot go.
To a West-Countrey Tune; Or, A lack for my love I must dye.
A Dainty spruce young Gallant,
that lived in the West,
He courted a young Lady,
and real love profest:
And coming one night to her,
his mind he thus exprest;
And sing go from my Window love go.
What is my Love a sleeping,
or is my Love awake?
who knocketh there so late?
It is your true love Lady,
that for your sake doth wait,
And sing go from the Window love go.
Then open me your Fathers Gate,
and do not me deny;
But grant to me your true love,
or surely I shall dye:
I dare not open now the Gates,
for fear my Father spy;
And sing go from my window love go.
O Dearest be not daunted,
thou needest not to fear;
Thy Father may be sléeping,
our loves he shall not hear:
Then open it without delay,
my joy and only Dear;
And sing go from the window go.
MY Father be doth watch me,
his jealousie is so:
If he should chance to catch me,
O then what should we do;
Therefore I dare not venture,
my dear to open now,
And sing go from my window love go.
I wish there were no Hinges,
nor yet no Key nor Lock;
That I might come unto my love,
now she is in her Smock:
O peace and be contented,
I hear my Father knock:
And sing go from my window go.
O Daughter dear why are you,
out of your Bed so late;
O Father I am very sick,
and in distressed state:
Methinks I hear some body
under pour Window prate:
And sing go from my window go.
O Father 'tis the Watch-men,
this Evening passing by;
Hark-how a faithful Lover,
can frame a pritty lye:
O Daughter I command you
unto pour Bed to hye:
And sing go from, &c.
Dear Father I obey you,
and quickly I am gone;
But yet I am not willing
to leave my Love alone:
So soon as you are Sleeping,
I down again will come:
and sing go from, &c.
And then she sent her Maiden
unto her Chamber straight;
And came unto her true Love,
who at the Door did wait:
And open'd him the Wickit,
for all it was so late:
And sing go from, &c.
Then softly he did enter,
and to the Lady said:
My Love there is no Danger,
we cannot be betray'd:
Let us enjoy our Pleasure,
and never be afraid:
And sing go from, &c.
And thus this Faithful Couple;
their wishes had at last,
For all her Jealous Father,
the sweets of love they taste:
And when the day appeared,
her Love away did haste:
And sing go from my window love go.

Printed foar Brooksby, at the Golden-ball near the Hospital-gate; in West-smithfield

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