The SECOND PART of The Loyal Subject's LITANY.

FRom measuring Devotion with Beads or with Sand,
In a Language or Phrase that we don't understand;
From a Preacher with Reliques or Spoons in his hand,
Libera nos Domine.
From stripping Religion to avoid the Excesses
Of a cumbersom Ruff, and a Collar of S S;
From His Holiness, and Their Holinesses,
Libera nos Domine.
From Plot upon Plot, which no Herald admits,
Nor any Man else that is well in his Wits;
From Conscience that comes like an Ague, by Fits,
Libera nos Domine.
From the Pope in One Stick, or the Pope in a Faggot;
From the Catholick Worm, and Schismatical Maggot;
From such as swear round to keep what they ha' got,
Libera nos Domine.
From Penance reformed to a Stool of Repentance;
From a new Inquisition to aid the Tridentines,
And the Savager Courts where the Godly give Sentence,
Libera nos Domine.
From setting Christ's Vicar to teaze his Vicegerent;
From the Saints in whom the same Sin is inherent,
The best Friends he has, though they seldom appear in't,
Libera nos Domine.
From St. Omers Consult, and a Leyden Cabal,
inveterate Foes both to Pauls and Whitehall;
From a Plot pro and con, like a Tennis-ball,
Libera nos Domine.
From the Roman Disease, and Geneva Physician;
From admitting Prophaneness to purge Superstition;
From Raviliack's or Bradshaw's Commission,
Libera nos Domine.
From taking the Covenant, or baulking the Test;
From both the Renouncers when th' are but in jest;
From the Pope's hatching Eggs in a Presbyter's Nest,
Libera nos Domine.
From the Godly Disguises of Cropping and Shaving,
The different Ear-marks of Fooling and Knaving,
Though both can do both for the sake of Soul-saving,
Libera nos Domine.
From a Jesuit transformed to a Sanctified Elder,
And cursing Romes Church to her dear Hans-en-Kelder;
From hugging her Brats, and yet hope w' ave expell'd her,
Libera nos Domine.
From the Mass and the Directory bound in one Volumn;
From the Trent Conventicle, and the Dort What d'e call 'um;
From the Votaries of Saints, & those that Peter 'um & Paul' um,
Libera nos Domine.
From transforming a Cowl to an a-la-mode Jump;
From the Jusuit's Bucket in the Minister's Pump;
From a Representative Monster, that's all over Rump,
Libera nos Domine.

LONDON, Printed for B. Tooke. 1680.

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