The Sea-man's Answer TO His Unkind Lover.

Tune of I lov'd you dearly, &c. Or, Languishing Swain.

Licensed according to Order.

FAir Maid, you say you lov'd me well,
I do believe it honest Nell,
And likewise tell you what is true,
Once there was none I lov'd like you.
Twas not for Money that I wed,
I never ask'd her what she had,
You said you would not married be,
Till I return again from Sea.
That was the reason pritty Dove,
Which made me seek for another Love,
I thought when I to Sea was gone,
You'd wed before I cou'd return.
As for thy kindness still to me,
A thousand thanks I return to thee,
And I am glad you do impart,
A Seaman still shall have thy Heart.
I have a Brother with me here,
Who's Younger than I by one Year,
He is a Seaman truly bred,
My dearest Nell let him thee Wed.
You cry Stop Thief, your Heart I have,
My Brother he the same do crave,
And begs that I would write to you,
To give thy free consent thereto.
If you but saw us both together,
You could not tell one from the other;
Then prithee Nell do not deny,
Though I am wed, let him injoy.
I hear thou'rt ranging o're the Sea,
With full intent to come to me,
May Heavens keep thee from all harms,
And bring thee safely to my Arms.
We're both in the Britania bold,
I'th Straights where Strangers much behold,
For there was never seen before
So great a Ship near the Turkish-shoar.
Then come my fair One, come away,
My Brother longs to see the day,
That you will be his happy Bride,
Then waff her hither Wind and Tide.
If thou wert come, then we'd be merry,
In Bowls of Punch and good Canary,
And thou wilt find he'll love thee well,
Though I did leave my honest Nell.
I prithee Nell do not deny,
Thou' It find him kinder far than I,
Although you prove not to be my Wife,
Yet my dear Sister all my life,

Printed and Sold by T. Staples.

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