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PROCLAMATION, Anent Production of the Tacks of the Teinds of the Bishopricks.

FORASMUCH as His Sacred Majesty, by His Letter of the Date the 24 day of April last, Did signifie to the Lords Com­missioners of His Thesaury, that it was His Royal Pleasure they should Farm the Bishops Rents by way of Roup, and that to one or more Persons, as might be most for His Majesties Advantage: And did also Declare His Gracious Inclination for the Ease of His People, that a Sum should be Agreed upon, to be Payed at the Renewing of the Tacks of Teinds of the said Bishopricks, and that the first Offer thereof should be made to the Heretors. And seing that before the Roup go on, it is necessary to know if the Tacks thereof formerly Set by the Bishops be Ex­pired or not. Therefore the saids Lords Commissioners of Their Majesties The­saury with Advice and Consent of the Lords of Exchequer, have thought fit to Delay the same, until the First Day of November next to come; to the effect that all Heretors and others, who have Tacks of Teinds from the saids Bishops, may Produce them to the Clerks of Exchequer, betwixt and the First Day of October ensuing, and whereunto they are hereby Required. Certifying such as shall Failzie therein, that the Collectors or Tacksmen of the Bishoprick Rents, will proceed to uplift the saids Persons their Teiths ipsa corpora, or Pursue for the Value there­of. And that none may pretend Ignorance, Ordains these Presents to be Prin­ted and Published at the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh, and the other Head-burghs of the respective Shires of this Kingdom.

Extractum de Libris Scaccarii, per me THO. MONCREIFF.

God save King VVilliam and Queen Mary.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Excellent Majesties, 1694.

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