FOrsameikle as the Lords of Privie Councell, Commissioners for conserving the peace, and Com­missioners for the common burdens, taking to their consideration the necessities of the Scottish Army in Ireland, which for want of pay, victuall, and cloathes, is not able longer to subsist, And ha­ving according to their bound dutie resolved to provide some supply for their present maintenance, did therefore by their act of the fourth of March last determine that the sum of twenty thousand pound sterling, & as much more as should be voluntarily offered by his Majesties good subjects be­twixt and the first day of May instant, should be presently borrowed to that effect, upon the conditi­ons and securitie contained in the said Act: And now considering that in respect of the shortnesse of time many of His Majesties goods Subjects who will willingly put to their helping hand to this re­ligious and necessary work, could not have timous advertisement to provide what they are to lend, and that the whole moneyes already given is onely able to furnish some meale to the souldiers, without which they had either starved or disbanded ere now. Therefore the saids Lords of Pri­vie Councell, and Commissioners of both Commissions foresaids, doe hereby declare, that what [...]ummes of money shalbe yet lent for the use foresaid, betwixt and the tenth of July next to come, shall be thankfully payed to the len­ [...]ers, their heires, executors, and assignes, betwixt and the first of August next; together with the ordinary annuall rent, from the [...]me of the lending of the same, so long as the whole or any part thereof shall remaine unpaid, and that conform to the tenour of the [...]oresaid Act of the fourth of March, which is holden as here repeated; and that the lenders shall upon deliverie of their money have Tickets of receipt, and Acts of Counsell in manner contained in the said Act. And als declares, that as any summes of money, due [...]r to be due to the Armie, shall come from the Parliament of England, or otherwayes whatsoever, that the same shall be imployed [...]or payment of the advancers proportionally, according to the summes lent by them. And therefore the saids Lords of Privie Councell, with consent foresaid, doe now, as of before, desire every one of His Majesties subjects, who will contribute their assistance [...]erein, that they will be pleased speedily to advance such summes as they shall think sit upon assurance and security in manner foresaid: And ordains thir presents to be registrate in the books of Councell and Commissions foresaids, and to have the force of an Act of the [...]ids Judicatories jointly and severally, and to be printed together with the former Act of the fourth of March.

Arch. Primerose Cler.S.Cons.

Printed at Edinburgh by EVAN TYLER Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie, Anno 1643.

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