WHereas, there are many printed Copies of a most treasonable and seditious Pamphlet, Entituled, Naphtali; Or, wrestlings of the Church of Scotland, lately imported, vended and dispersed within this Kingdom, of purpose to seduce the Subjects from their loyalty, alleagiance and obedience, and to strengthen the dis-affected in their rebellions Principles and Practises; the said Pamphlet, upon examination, being found to be full of treason­able and seditious calumnies, and lyes, traducing the Kings Sacred Majesty, His Government, the proceedings of the late Parliament, Secret Council and other Judicatories, and those entrusted under His Sacred Majesty with the Government of the Kingdom, both in Church and State, to the great scandal of the Protestant Religion, and the disturbance of the peace of the Kingdom, thereby to raise new sedition and troubles, and to involve the Kingdom again in an unnatural and bloody war. The printing of which Pamphlet, vending and dispersing thereof, being contrair to the laudable Laws and several Acts of Parliament made against the same; Therefore, and to vindicat the Honour of this Kingdom from such treasonable and false aspersions, in detestation of such abominable Practises, The Lords of His Majesties Privy Council ordain, that upon the fourteenth day of December instant, the said Pamphlet be pub­lickly burnt in the high-street of Edinburgh, near to the Mercat-cross thereof, by the hand of the Hangman; And that all havers of any of the saids Pamphlets, residing besouth the water of Tay, shall bring in and deliver the same to the Sheriffs of the respective Shires or their Deputes, to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Privy Council by them, betwixt and the twelfth day of January next; and benorth the said water betwixt and the first day of February thereafter: With certification, that if thereafter, any person of whatsoever degree, quality or set they shall be of, shall have any of the saids printed Copies in their custody or possession, that they shall be lyable in payment of the sum of two thousand pounds Scots money, to be exacted without any favour or defalcation. And farther, if they or any other person shall be found hereafter to be contriver, abbettor or assister to the making up, printing, publishing or dispersing of the said seditious Pamphlet, that they shall be proceeded against as Authors, Printers, Importers, Venders and Dispersers of seditious and infamous Libels, and all pains and penalties made against them shall be inflicted without mercy. And ordains the Magistrates of the Town of Edinburgh to cause burn one of the Copies of the said Pamphlet in manner foresaid: and that these presents be forthwith printed, and published at the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh and other places needful, that none pretend ignorance.

Pet. Wedderburne, Cl. Sti. Concilii.

Edinburgh, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1667.

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