A PROCLAMATION, Prorogating the Dyets of giving in Lists of Poleable Persons, and payment of their Pole-money, and prescribing Methods for the exactness and perfecting of the same.

WILLIAM by the Grace of God, King of great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, To [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, Conjunctly and Severally, specially, Constitute, Greeting; Forasmuch as, by the Act of Parliament one thousand six hundred and ninty five years anent the Pole-money, and former Proclamations and Orders of Our Privy Council thereanent, several days were prefixt for sending in from the several Shires of this Kingdom to the Clerk of our Thesaury Abstracts of the Lists and Rolls made up within the respective Sub-divisions of the saids Shires; Nevertheless the saids Abstracts are either wholly neglected, or sent in so defective and Lame, that no distinct Charge can be formed thereupon, either against the Collectors of the Shires, or Paroch Collectors, or these lyable in payment of the said Pole-money, in so far as in several of the saids Books and Lists there are no Sums drawn out upon either the Stock, or Rent, or Characters, and Conditions of the persons Poleable, and the Fees of Servants are condescended on only for half a year, whereas the Master is lyable for the whole years Pole out of the halfyears Fee, and some condescends upon Persons Merchandizing, and Exercising Trades, and keeping Servants, and yet bears them not able to pay Pole, and the general Pole of six pence is not adjected to the particular Pole, and the valued Rent is not divided amongst the Tennents conform to their Possessions but charged in cumulo, and that there are several other Defects and Omissions in the saids Books, for Remeid whereof, and for perfecting the Lists and Rolls of the poleable persons within the several Shires of this Kingdom; and for Rectifying and Amending the several Defects and Mistakes above-written, and to the effect the Pole-money may be fully and exactly gathered up according to the perfected Lists, We with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council have thought fit to prorograt and continue the days for compleating the saids Lists and Rolls, and paying in the Pole-money due by the several Leidges of this our Kingdom until the Fifteenth day of January next to come for all upon this side of Tay, except Perth Shire, and to the first day of February for Perth-Shire and all beyond Tay, hereby Requiring and Commanding the Collectors of Supply within the several Shires of this Kingdom, betwixt and the days respec­tive foresaids, to make up exact and compleat Lists of all persons Poleable within their respective Shires, in the Terms of the Act of Parlia­ment anent the Pole-money, who may be either altogether omitted, or not Inrolled to their just Avail by the Sub-Collectors of the respective Di­visions and Paroches within the several Shires, for which the saids Collectors of Supply are allowed to retain five per Cent, in their own hands, out of the Pole-money which shall be Collected by them from the persons either omitted or not duely Inrolled as said is: And likeways we hereby Require & command the saids Collectors of Supply betwixt and the days respective foresaid to go through every Paroch within their respective Shires, and there revise and examine the Lists and Rolls given in to them by the Collectors of the several Sub-divisions and Paroches, and make Tryal of the famen that they be full and exact, and to make use of the Assistance of the Elders, and Examination Rolls of every Paroch, and if need beis to Execute our former Letters of Horning granted to them for that Effect, and to do all other Diligence allowed by our Laws for perfecting and compleating the saids Lists and Rolls betwixt and the days foresaids: And the saids Respective Collectors of Supply within the several Shires are hereby allowed to retain in their own hands two per Cent. of the whole Pole-money Collected and Uplifted within the respective Shires for their pains and Travell in the Premisses and that by and attour the Allowance granted to them by this and our former Proclamations and Orders: And We with Advice foresaid, Require and command all and every one of our Subjects lyable in payment of the Pole-money contained in the foresaid Act of Parliament to make due and compleat payment thereof to the respective Collectors appointed for that Effect betwrixt and the days respective abovementioned, with Certification whoever shal be found defficient thereafter shal be lyable in the Quadruple of their Pole-money which we hereby Ordain to be exacted without any Abatement, ease, ordelay, & we with Advice foresaid Require & Command the several Collectors of Supply within this Kingdom to make report of their diligence, by sending in exact and compleat Abstracts of the Lists and Rolls of the Poleable Perssons within their Bounds to the Clerk of Our Thesaury; And likeways by paying in the whole Pole-money Collected and Received by them, betwixt and the days respective above-mentioned, as they will be answerable. And to the effect We may be informed of, and understand if there be any neglect, connivance, or omission in any of the Collectors of Supply within the several Shires, in the punctual observance and execution of the premisses, We, with advice and consent foresaid, command the Sheriff-Deputes within the several Shires of this Kingdom, betwixt and the Fifteenth day of February next to come, for all upon the South-side of Tay, except Perth-Shire; And for Perth-Shire, and all be-north Tay betwixt and the First day of March there­after, to Supervise and Examine the diligence used by the Collectors of Supply within the saids respective Shires, and to make up Rolls of all per­sons he shall discover, either to be altogether omitted, and not given up in List, or not Inrolled to the just avail of their Pole, or who have not made payment of the Pole-money due by them, and to exact and list the quadruple of the Pole-money wherein any of the saids persons are lyable, whereof they shall retain the one half to themselves, and make payment to Us of the other half, betwixt and the days last above-mentioned, as they will be answerable, OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, and We Charge you strictly, and command that incontinent thir Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and remanent Mercat-Crosses of the Head Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartries within the Kingdom, and there in Our Name and Authority make publick Intimation of the premisses, that none pretend ignorance.

Ex Deliberatione Dominorum Sti. Concilij.
GILB. ELIOT Cls. Sti. Concilij.

GOD Save the KING.

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