A PROCLAMATION, Offering a Reward of One hundred pound Sterling, so any who shall bring in the Person of Mr. James Renwick (a Seditious Field-Preacher) dead or alive.

IAMES by the Grace of GOD, King of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith;
To Our Lyon King at Arms, and his Brethen Heraulds, Macers of Our Privy Council, Pursevants, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially Constitute, Greeting:

Forasmuch, as one Mr. James Renwick, a Flagitious and Scandalous person, has presumed and takes upon hand, these several years bygone, to Convocat together numbers of our unmarry, and Ignorant Com­mons, to House and Field-Conventicles, (which our Law so justly Terms the Nurseries of Sedition, and Rendezvous's of Rebellion) in some of the Western Shires of this Our Ancient Kingdom, and has frequently Preached at these Rebellious Meetings, his Seditious and Traiterous Principles and opinions, intending thereby to Debauch some of the Ignorant People from their bouden Duty, and obedience they ow to Us as their Rightful Soveraign Lord and Monarch. And We out of our Royal Care and Ten­derness to Our People, being desirous to deliver all Our loving Subjects, from the Malign influence of such a wretched Imposture; Have therefore, with Advice of Our Privy Council (as is usual in such Cases) not only thought sit to Declare the said Mr. James Renwick an open and notorious Rebel, and Traitor against Us, and Our Royal Government, But likewise hereby Authorise and Require all Our loving Subjects to treat him as such And also Prohibite and Discharge all Our Subject, Men or Women, That none of them offer or presume to Harbour, reset, Supply, Correspond with, Hide, or Conceal the Person of the said Mr. James Renwick, Rebel foresaid, under the pain of incurring the severest punishments, prescribed by the Acts of Parliament and Procla­mations of our Privy Council, made against Resetters of Rebels; But that they do their outmost endeavour to pursue him, as the worst of Traitors: And to the end the said Mr. James Renwick may the better be Discovered, Apprehended and brought [...] Justice: We with Advice foresaid, Do hereby Require and Command all Our Sheriffs, Stewarts, Baillies of Regalities [...] [...] ­gistrats of Burghs, and Justices of the Peace, not only to cause Search for, Pursue and Apprehend the Person of the [...] James Renwick, Rebel foresaid, wherever he can be found within their respective Jurisdictions, [...] their assistance to any who shall offer to Apprehend him: And if in pursuit of the said Mr. James Renwick [...] he, or any of his Rebellious Associats, resisting to be taken, any of our saids Magistrats, or other [...] Kill, or Mutilat him, or any of them, We hereby Declare that they, nor none assisting them shall [...] pursued Civily or Criminally therefore in time-coming, but that these Presents shall be als sufficient for [...] they had Our special Remission, and that their doing thereof shall be repute good and acceptable Service [...] incouragement of such as shall apprehend, and bring in the person of the said Mr. James Renwick, [...] Alive, he, or they shall have the Reward of One hundreth Pound Sterling Money, to be in instantly payed to [...] of our Thesaury. And We ordain these Presents to be Published at the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh [...] Head-Burghs of the several Shires of this Kingdom, on the South-side of the Water of Tay, and other [...] riffs in the saids respective Shires, that none pretend Ignorance.

Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii.
WILL. PATERSON, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty, Anno DOM. 1686.

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