A PROCLAMATION, Indicting a Solemn and Publick Thanksgiving throughout the Kingdom of Scotland, to be kept upon the ninth of September next, for His Majesties safe Delivery from the late Phanatical Conspiracy against His Majesty, His Royal Highness and Government.

CHARLES by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
To Our Lyon King at Arms and his Brethren Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants, and Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, Greeting;

To all and sundry Our good Subjects Greeting; Forasmuch as Almighty God in His Mercy, and by His wonderful Providence, hath brought to Light, Defeated and Confounded a most Un-natural, Traitorous and Diabolical Conspiracy, contrived and carried on by Persons of Phanatical, Atheistical and Republican Principles, for taking away Our Sacred Life, and the Life of Our Dearest Brother James Duke of Albany, Sub­verting of Our Government, and Involving these Kingdoms in Bloud, Confusion and Mi­series▪ Concerning which Treasonable Conspiracy, We have Emitted Our Royal Declara­tion to all Our loving Subjects, at Our Court at[?] Whitehall, the 28th. of July last, in this 35th. year of Our Reign, which We have Ordered to be Re-printed here. And We being deeply sensible of the humble and grateful Praises and Adoration, We owe to the Divine Majesty, for this great and signal Instance of His watchful[?] Care over Us, whom He hath so long Preserved, and so often Delivered by Miracles, Have out of Our Religious Disposition, readily approven of an hum­ble Motion made to Us for commanding an Solemn and General Thanksgiving, to be religiously Observed throughout this whole Kingdom, to Offer up devout Praises and Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for this eminent and miraculous Deliverance grant­ed to Us, and in Us, to all Our loyal and dutiful Subjects; as also, fervently to pray that God may continue His gracious Care over Us, and His Mercies to these Kingdoms, and more and more bring to Light, Defeat and Confound all Traitorous Conspiracies, Associations and Machinations against Us, Our Dearest Brother and Government; We with Advice of Our Privy Council, have therefore thought fit by this Our Royal Proclamation, to Indict a General and Solemn Thanksgiving, to be Observed throughout this Kingdom, that all Our loving Subjects may offer their devout Praises and Gratulations, and their fervent Prayers and Supplications to Almighty God for the Purposes foresaid; And We strictly Command and Charge, that the said Solemn Thanksgiving be religiously and devoutly Preformed by all Our Subjects and people within this Our King­dom, upon the ninth of September next; And to the end this part of Divine Worship, so pious and necessary, may be uniformly and at the same time offered by all Our loving and loyal Subjects; We hereby Require the Reverend Arch-Bishops and Bishops to give notice hereof to the Ministers in their respective Diocesses, that upon the Lords Day immediatly preceeding the said 9th. day of September next, as also upon the said 9th. of September they cause Read and Intimat this Our Royal Proclamation from the Pulpit in every Paroch Church, together with Our foresaid Declaration, Dated at Our Court at Whitehall as said is, and that they exhort all Our Subjects to a serious and devout Performance of the saids Prayers, Praises and Thanksgiving, as they tender the Favour of Almighty God, and the Safety and Preservation of Our Sacred Life and Government; Certifying all such as shall con­temn or neglect this so religious and important a Duty, they shall be proceeded against, and punished as Contemners of Our Authority, and as Persons highly Disaffected to Our Person and Government. And ordains these Presents to be Printed.

Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilij. WILL. PATERSON. Cls. Sti. Concilij.

GOD save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty. 1683.

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