A PROCLAMATION, Indemnifying such Rebels as shall lay dovvn their Arms.

WHereas Their Majesties, King William and Queen Mary, being most desirous to Re­store the Peace of this their Antient Kingdom, and to Vnite all their Subjects in a Chearful Obedience to Their Government, They are Graciously Pleased to ex­tend Their Mercy, even to those who have been Misled and Seduced to Rise in open Arms and Rebellion against Their Authority; HIS Majesty by His Royal Letter, dated at Hampton Court the Eight Instant, Direct to His Privy Council, Did Au­thorize and Impower them to Issue forth a Proclamation of Indemnity, to all those who are now in Rebellion against Their Majesties Authority, in the Kingdom of Scotland, who shall lay down their Arms betwixt and the days after-specified, and shall submit them­selves to, and acknowledge Their Majesties Authority, take the Oath of Allegiance, and give Se­curity for their future Good Behaviour: And to the effect that Their Majesties Gracious Intentions may be made Effectual, that the Minds of these Persons may be Quieted from the Fears and Appre­hensions that the just Punishments may be Inflicted upon them, which their Crimes deserve: There­fore the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council, by His Majesties special Warrand, and in Their Ma­jesties Name and Authority, Do Indemnifie, Secure and Pardon all such Persons as are in open Arms and Rebellion within this Kingdom, or have been accessory thereto, by Converse, Resett, In­tercommuning with, or any way assisting the Rebels; Providing always the persons foresaid shall lay down their Arms within eight dayes after the Proclamation of this Indemnity, at the Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs of the Shires where they dwell, or stay for the time; and that in testimo­ny of their Submission to, and Acknowledgment of His Majesties Authority, all Noblemen, Gentle­men, Chiftains of Clanns, Heretors and Officers shall apply to Major-General Mackay, Comman­der in Chief of His Majesties Forces, and before him Swear and Sign the Oath of Allegiance to Their Majesties, betwixt and the third day of September, in this instant Year of God 1689, or before the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council at Edinburgh, betwixt and the tenth day of the foresaid Month of Sep­tember, and find such Security as they are able for their future Good Behaviour; And that all other Yeomans, and such as are below the degree of Heretors, or Officers, shall Repair to the Sheriffs of the respective Shires where they dwell, or their Deputs, or to such other Persons as may be ap­pointed by the Council, and before them acknowledge Their Majesties Authority, and Swear and Sign the Oath of Allegiance: And the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council Do Assure and Declare, all such Persons who shal lay down their Arms, and fulfil the Conditions foresaid, that they shal be alto­gether Free, Safe and Secure from all manner of Punishment, Pains and Penalties that can be inflicted upon them for open Rebellion, Acts of Hostility, or any manner of accession to Rebellion against Their Majesties: And that such as continue Obstinat and Incorrigible, after the Offer of so great Mer­cy and Favour, shall be Punished as Traitors and Rebels to the utmost extremity of Law; And Requires and Commands all Iudges and Ministers of the Law, to interpret this present Indemnity in the most favourable manner; Declaring always, Likeas it is hereby expresly Declared, that this pre­sent Indemnity shall not be Extended or Beneficial to any persons in Prison, who have been under His now Majesties Pay, and guilty of any of the Crimes above-mentioned. And Ordains these Presents to be Printed, and Published at the Mercat-Crosse of Edinburgh, and all the other Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs of the Shires of the Kingdom, by Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants, or Messengers at Arms. Extracted by me

GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

Follows the Oath of Allegiance.

I [...] Do sincerely Promise and Swear, that I will be Faithful, and bear True Allegiance to their Majesties, King William and Queen Mary. So help me GOD.

God save King William and Queen Mary.

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