A PROCLAMATION, Indemnifying Deserters, who shall return to their Ma­jesties Service.

WILLIAM and MARY by the Grace of GOD, King and Queen of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith: To Macers of Our privy Council, or Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially Constitute, Greeting. For­asmuch as, We understand that a great many Souldiers of the Forces presently un­der Our Pay, and in Our Service within this Our antient Kingdom and Abroad, have Deserted their Colours, and do Skulk and hide themselves in obscure Pla­ces, being afraid to return to Our Service, out of Dread of that Justly Deserved Punishment due to Deserters, by the Severity of Military Laws: For Remeid whereof, and that all Souldiers who have Deserted as said is, may be Inexcusable and receive chat Condign Punishment due to Deserters by the Military Laws, in case they shall not give Punctual Obedience to this present Proclamation. There­fore, We with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, do hereby Pe­remptorily Require and Command, all Souldiers within this Our antient King­dom, who have been in Our Service, and under Our Pay, in any of the Regi­ments, Troops, or Companies now in Our Service, within this Our antient Kingdom, or forth thereof, (who have not left the same upon a Pass granted to them, by their Captain or other Superior Officer,) to return to Our Service, and present themselves to the Commander in Chief, or any Commissionat Offi­cer of Our Forces within our said Kingdom. And We with Ad ice foresaid, Pardon and Indemnifie them and every one of them, who shall return and pre­sent themselves in manner foresaid, within two Moneths after the date hereof, Certifying all such who shall not return and accept, and take the Benefit of this Our Gracious Indemnity within the space foresaid, they shall be Treated as De­serters, when, and wherever they shall be seised on without Mercy. And We with Advice foresaid, Require and Command all Magistrats and Ministers of the Law within this Realm, to Concur with, and be Assisting to the Officers of Our Forces, and such as shall be imployed by them, in Seising and Securing the Per­sons of all such Deserters (in manner specified in the former Proclamations,) as shall not accept of the Benefit of this Indemnity, within the space above-written. OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, and We Charge you strictly and Command, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-cross of Edin­burgh, and to the Mercat-crosses of the whole Head-Burghs within this Kingdom, and there by open Proclamation, make Publication hereof, that none may pre­tend Ignorance. And Ordains these Presents to be Printed.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. In Supplementum Signeti. GILB. ELIOT, Cls Sti. Concilii.

GOD save King William and Queen Mary,

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Ex­cellent Majesties, 1693.

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