CHARLES, By the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith:
To Our Lovits, [...] Messengers, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally specially constitute, Greeting.

Forasmuch as We, by divers Acts of Parliaments and Proclamations, have expressed and declared Our Royal care and reso­lution, to protect the Orthodox and well-affected Clergy and Ministers: And to that effect and purpose, a Proclamation was issued by Us upon the fifth of March last, com­manding all Heretors and Parochioners within the Western Shires therein mentioned, to protect and defend the persons, families and goods of their respective Ministers within their several Paroches, from all affronts and injuries to be committed by insolent and dis-affected persons to the present Government, in manner, with, and under the certifications and pains therein contained. And nevertheless, the malice and rage of such persons is so implacable against loyal Ministers, upon no other account, but that they are faithful and obedient to Our Laws and Authority, that of late, since the said Proclamation, divers outrages have been committed within the saids western and other Shires, by invading and wounding the persons of several Ministers, assaulting them in their houses, and plundering and robbing their goods, to the great scandal of Religion, contempt of Our Authority, and discouragement of the Preachers of the Gospel, and is a great incouragement to such sacraligious and wicked persons, that within the Paroches where such insolencies are committed and done to Ministers, there is no wanting persons of the same temper and principles, who do secretly favour and comply with them; and they do presume, that the Actors with-drawing, the Parochioners will not be questioned, and that they will not think themselves concerned to prevent or repair the wrongs done to the Ministers. Therefore We, with advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, command and charge all Heretors, Life-renters and others, having any real interest and rent within the several Paroches of the Kingdom, whither they reside within the same or not, their Bailies, Chamberlains and others having trust under them, and all other Parochioners, to protect, defend, and secure the persons, families and goods of their Ministers, not only in the exercise of their Ministerial Function, but in their dwelling-houses, or being elsewhere within the Paroch, from all injuries, affronts and prejudices which they may incur in their persons and goods, from the violence and invasion of any phanatick or dis-affected person: and that upon the notice of any attempt of such, they immediately repair to any place where they shall beat such injuries are offered, and seize upon the persons of the committers; and in case that they flye out of the saids bounds, that they give notice to the Sheriff or any Gar­rison or Forces that shall be nearest to these places, that they may pursue them till they be apprehended and brought to tryal: With certification, that if any such outrages shall be committed, the Actors, and all persons who shall have any accession to the same, and shall aid, assist, or any way comply with, or shall willingly resset and conceal the delinquents, shall be proceeded against and punished with all severity, as equally guilty with the invadors. And farther, if they be not apprehended and brought to tryal by the means and diligence of the Parochioners, Letters shall be directed at the instance of Our Advocat, to cite the Parochioners to appear before the Lords of Our Privy Council, at the least to send three or four of their number specially authorized for that effect, to hear and see the Parochioners decerned to pay to the Minister for reparation, damage and interest, such a sum and fine as Our Coun­cil shall think fit to determine, (special consideration being alwayes had of well-affected Heretors and Parochio­ners, who constantly attend the publick Ordinances, and as they are required by the Ministers, concur with them in the exercise of Church-discipline, who are to be relieved of the half of the fine to be imposed, which is to be payed by the dis-affected, who are to be tryed to be such by the Justices of Peace, or other Judge-ordinar) and a citation of Parochioners in general, at the Mercat-cross of the Shire, being intimate at the Paroch-church upon a Sunday before-noon after divine Service, We declare to be sufficient; and the said sum so to be modified, shall be divided amongst the Heretors and Life-renters and others, according to their respective Valuations, and is to be advanced and payed by them to the Sheriffs, Stewarts, or Bailies of Regalities and Baileries, who are hereby ordained by themselves or their Deputes, to uplift the same for the use of the Minister, and to use all lawful execu­tion for that effect: And for relief of the saids Heretors, Life-renters and others foresaids, their several Tennents are hereby ordained to pay the third part of the several proportions payable by their Masters; and where any per­son has more Tennents then one, the third part payable for relief of their Master is to be divided and proportioned betwixt their Tennents proportionally, and according to the duty they pay respective: And if any question arise there­anent, either amongst the Tennents themselves, or the Tennents and their Masters, the same is to be determined by the Iustices of Peace or Sheriff of the Shires, or other Iudges Ordinar in whose jurisdiction they reside, in the option of the complainers. And ordains these presents to be printed, and published at the Mercat-cross of the head Burghs of this Kingdom, and read at all Paroch-churches upon a Sunday before-noon, after divine Service, that none pretend ignorance.

Edinburgh, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, 1667.

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