A PROCLAMATION For the Ready In-bringing of the Annexed and Additional Excise.

WILLIAM by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith; To [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and se­verally specially constitute, Greeting; Forasmuch as, By the second Act of the sixth Session of this Our current Parliament, The Lords of Our Privy Council are Authorized, and Impowered to prescribe such other Methods, and Orders, (besides what is mentioned in the said Act) as they should Judge necessary, for the better Up-lifting and In-bringing of the Additional Excise Imposed upon the respective Liquors specified in the said Act: And specially, for causing the same to be Raised, and Up-lifted upon the Liquor, and not upon the Malt. And We considering, how necessar it is, for the better In-bringing the Annexed and Additional Excise, and for Determining all Differences betwixt the Brewars and the Tacksmen of the said Annexed and Additional Excise, and their Sub-Tacksmen, and Collectors, from the first day of March one thousand six hun­dred and nyntie seven, to the first day of March, one thousand six hundred and ninty eight, during which space, the said Annexed and Additional Excise is now set in Tack, That all Entries of Liquors of whatsoever sort, Brown and Imported, lyable to the said Excise, be duely and timously made. Do therefore, With Advice of the Lords of Our [...]rivy Council, Require and Command the Commissioners of Supply, of the several Shyres within this Kingdom, Qualified according to Law, and Residing whithin the Shyre: And who, by the said Act of Parliament, are appointed Commissioners of the said Annexed Excise, to meet at the Head-Burgh of the respective Shyres, the first Tuesday of September next to come, and at their said Meeting, to Settle and Appoint Places, within six Myles where the Brewers lives, where the publick Excise Offices shall be most conveniently keept for the Brewers to Enter, and give up the Quantities of the Liquors browen by them, Ly­able in Payment of the said Excise. And appoints the saids Commissioners, immediately after designing places for the saids Offices, To cause make publick Intima­tion at all the church Doors, within the saids respective Shyres of the particular places, designed by them, for the several Excise Offices. With Certification to the saids Commissioners, or any of them, residing within the saids respective Shyres, who shall failȝie to meet the said first tuesday of September, nixt to come; and to appoint, and design the particular places, for Excise Offices, in manner above exprest, Their Names shall be returned by their Clerk to the Lords of Our Privy Council: To the effect they may take such Course therewith, as they shall see Cause. And We, with Advice foresaid, Require and Command the saids Commissioners to meet the first tuesday of every Moneth thereafter, during the Continuance of the said Additional Excise, in manner, and for the ends prescribed, and set down in the foresaid Act of Parliament; And We, with Advice foresaid, Require and Command the whole Brewers within the Bounds, alloted for the saids respective Excise Offices, to wait upon the saids respective Commissioners thereat, upon the first tuesday day of September above exprest, without any further In­timation, Charge or Citation to be given to them, by the saids Tacksmen, Sub-tacksmen, or Collectors of the said Annexed and Additional Excise, but the pu­blication hereof, allen [...]rly: And there to give in, and make, And the saids Commissioners to receive from them full, and faithful Entries of all Liquors browen, or Retailed within the saids Bounds, Lyable in payment of the said Annexed and Additional Excise, since the first day of March last inclusive, to the said first tuesday of September, one thousand six hundred nyntie seven. And because the Brewers, and others Lyable to the said Excise, for want of timous Intimation, for the said Moneth of March, and thereafter, may pretend, that they cannot give their Oaths, if required, upon the precise Quantity of their Brewing, or Liquors Retailed by them, during the said space, They are therefore, here by allowed to give their Oaths in these Terms, That their said Brewing, or Retail, hath not exceeded such a Quantity, which is hereby held as sufficient, to make them Lyable for the same. Declaring hereby, and Certifying such Brewers and Retaillers, who shall not Com­pear, and attend the saids Commissioners, the first tuesday of every Moneth, for making the Entry of all Liquors Browen, or Retailed by them, Lyable to the said Excise, for the preceeding Months, they shall be holden as Confest, and Decreets given against them, for the Quantities of Liquors Lyble to the foresaid Annexed and Additional Excise, which shall be contained in the Claims, and Complaints to be given in by the Tacksmen, Sub-tacksmen, and Collectors against them. Providing, nevertheless, that if the saids Brewers, who shall failȝie, and be holden as Confest, shall at any time within three Moneths thereafter, Compear before any Two of the saids Commissioners, and having first made due Intimation to the Tacksmen make Faith as above, and Report a Certificat thereon, under their hands, they shal be Reponed against the said Certification, upon punctual payment of what they shall be found due; And We with Advice foresaid, ap­point and ordaine, that no Brewer within Brough of Royality, Barrony or Regality, Vend or Sell any part of their Browsts, until first they make Entry thereof at the Excise Office, within the Respective Burghs, and there obtain a Sufferance for the quantity Brown, which the keeper of the Office is to give gratis, and without delay; and that in case of non-entry, or wrongous entry, the Brewer within Burgh to be lyable in the Sum of Ten Pounds Scots toties quoties; And all Execution competent shall be made use of by Our Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen, or Collectors against the respective Brewers for the same; And which Entrys may be disproven before any Magistrat, Justice of Peace, or Commissioner of Excise by Witnesses, or Oath of Party, notwithstanding of any Survey made by the Surveyers, and Waiters; And that all Brewers Barrels be for hereafter Marked with their own Name, and the Seal of the next Excise-Of­fice, which Seal shall be Furnished to them gratis: As also, that no Person presume to Reset any Ale, or Drinking Beer in their Houses, in order to the Imbazling of the [...] under the pain of Ten Pounds Scots toties quoties, to be payed to the foresaids Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen or Collectors. And farder, that all Tap­sters, and Vintners of Ale and drinking Beer, shall for hereafter, before they Tap, or Vend the same, take first a Licence from the nixt Excise-Office, and there give Bond and Caution, that they shall not Tapp nor Sell, for less Prices than these appointed by the Act of Parliament, under the Penaltie of ten pounds Scots toties quoties, it being always in the power of the Commissioners of Supplie and Excise, to modifie the saids Penalties, when Incurred as to all brewers not Living in Burghs of Royallity, Regality or Barrony: And in regard, the Excise of strong Waters, Aquavity, Brandy, and Forregin Beer and ale, is Ordered by the said Act of Par­liament to be payed by the Retailers; Therefore We with Advice of the Lords of our Privy Council Require and Command, all brewers of Aquavity and Strong Waters, to make monthly Entries of the quantities of the saids Liquors Browen by them, and give in subscribed Lists to the nixt Excise-Office, of the Names of the Persons to whom they Sell their Aquavity, or strong Waters to be again Sold by Retail; As likeways, that the Collectors, Clerks, or Surveyers at Sea ports, give up a true and particular Accompt to the saids Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen, or Collectors of the said Excise of the Quantities of Foreign strong Waters, Brandy and foreign Beer and Ale Imported from time to time, and who is the Merchant Importer. As also, that the said Merchant Importer, and all other Persons who now pretend to Sell the foresaids Liquors in haill Sale conform to the late Act of Parliament: That is to say, above a Pint, be lyable and Obliged to give and Deliver subscrived Lists to the saids Tacksmen, or their Sub-Tacksmen Deputes, and Collectors of the Persons Names to whom they Sell the said Brandy, strong Waters, or Foreign Beer and Ale for Retail, and of the Quantities Sold to them, to the effect that the saids Retailers may be still lyable for the Excise thereof, And in case the saids Commissioners, or at lest Two of them shall fail, yet to Meet and Attend the saids respective Excise Offices upon the said first Tuesday of September nixt, or upon the first Tuesday of a­ny subsequent Moneth during the continuance of the said Additional Excise; The whole Division, and each of them residing, within the said Shire under the Certifi­cation foresaid; and after Instruments taken against them, of their Failȝie to Meet and Attend as said is; We with Advice foresaid require and Command, the She­riffs and their Deputes, or such as the said Sheriff shall Substitute to each particular Dyet for that effect, allanerly to repair to the saids respective Offices, within Twenty four-Hours after they shall be desired by the Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen, or Deputies, and Collectors of the said Annexed, or Additional Excise; there Summarly to Judge upon what occurs within the Bounds of that Office in reference to the said Annexed or Additional Excise, Certifying the saids Sheriffs, their De­putes, or Substitutes, if they Faill, they shall be Punished as the Lords of Our Privy Council shall think sit: And further, We with Advice foresaid, Prohibit and Discharge any of the Commissioners of Supply, or other Inferior Judges, or Officers of the Law within this Our Realm, to stop or hinder, either Quartering, Poynd­ing, or any other lawful Execution that shall be used by Our Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen, Deputes and Collectors of the said Annexed, or Additional Excise, a­gainst the respective Brewers, and Retailers conform to the Entries that shall be made by them, or according to the Quantities of Liquors Retailed by them; or where­upon they shall be holden as Confest, in manner, and before the Judges above-mentioned, except in the Case foresaid, under the pain of being, not only lyable for the Charges and Damnages Our saids Tacksmen, their Sub-Tacksmen and Collectors shall sustain and incurr there through; But also, to such further pains as the Lords of Our Privy Council shall think sit. And lastly, It is hereby Declared, that all the Penal toties quoties above-mentioned, are to be understood not for every Delin­quency, but allanerly for every Conviction, and for one single Transgression to be therein found. OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, and We Charge you strictly, and Command, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and to the Mercat- [...] of the Head-Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartries within this Kingdom; And there in Our Name and Authority by open Proclamation, make Intimation hereof that none [...]tend Igno­rance; And Ordains Printed Coppies hereof to be sent to the Sheriffs of the several Shires, and Stewarts of the Stewartries within this Kingdom, whom, and their Clerks, We Ordain to see the samen Published, and Coppies thereof Affixed at the saids Mercat-Crosses, and Appoints them to send Doubles thereof to all the Ministers both in Churches and Meeting-Houses within their respective Jurisdictions; that upon the LORDS Day immediately preceeding, the said first Tuesday of September nixt, the samen may be Intimate and Read in every Paroch-Church and Meeting-House; And a Coppie of the same Affixt upon the most Publick Door thereof; And Ordains these Presents to be Printed.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the King.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, Anno [...]

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