A PROCLAMATION, For taking the Oath of Allegiance.

Present in Council,

  • E. Crafurd P.
  • M. Douglas.
  • E. Southerland.
  • E. Annandale.
  • L. Ross.
  • L. Ruthven.
  • Sir Hugh Campbel of Calder.
  • Sir Patrick Hume of Polwart.
  • Sir James Murray of Blackbarrony.
  • James Brodie of that Iik.
  • Sir John Hall L. Provost of Edinburgh.

THe Lords of His Majesties Privy Council Considering, That Their Majesti [...] King William and Queen Mary, with Advice and Consent of the Estates o [...]Parliament, Have Statute and Ordained, that the Oath of Allegiance should be Sworn and Subscribed, not only by all the Members and Clerks of Parliament, but also by all other persons presently in publick Trust, Civil, or Military, or who shall be hereafter called to any publick Trust within the Kingdom; Therefore the saids Lords of His Majestics Privy Council, Do Ordain and Appoint, all Sheriffs, Stewarts, Baillies of Royalties , and Regalities, and their Clerks, Commissars, their Deputs, Clerks and Fiscals, Justices of Peace, all present Magistrats, Deans of Gild, Counsellors, and Clerks of Burghs Royal, and of Regality, and such as shall succeed them in Office, in presence of the Sheriffs of the respective Shires, or Stewarts of the Stewartries, within which the saids Burghs lyes, or their Deputs where any are, and where no Sheriffs, or Stew­arts, or their Deputs are, in presence of any Counsellor, or Member of parliament, the Admiral-Deputs, Judges of the high Court of Admirality, and all particular Admiral-Deputs within the Kingdom, and the Clerks of the respective Courts, and all other persons who presently are, or hereafter shall happen to be in publick Trust within this Kingdom, to publickly Swear and Subscribe the Oath of Allegiance hereunto subjoyn­ed, betwixt and the twenty fourth day of September instant, which is to be Recorded in the Registers of the respective Courts, and Extracts thereof under the Clerks hands, to be reported to the Clerks of His Majesties Privy Council, betwixt and the fifteenth day of November thereafter, with Certification to them if they failȝie therein, the former Acts of Parliament made anent swearing the Oath of Allegiance, and penalties therein-con­ [...]ined shall be impartially Execute against, and insticted upon the refusers. And Or­dains these Presents to be Printed, and Published by Macers, or Messengers at Arms, at the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and other places needful, that none pretend ignorance.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii.
God save King VVilliam and Queen Mary.
Follows the Oath of Allegiance.

I [...] Do sincerely Promise and Swear, That I will be Faithful and bear True Allegiance to Their Ma­jesties, King William and Queen Mary, So help me GOD.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, by Order of Secret Council, Anno Dom. 1689.

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