A PROCLAMATION, For Raising Pioniers, and providing Baggage-Horses to the Army.

WILLIAM and MARY, by the Grace of GOD, King and Queen of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith,
To Our Lovits, Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, and our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially Constitute, Greeting:

Forasmuch, as We and the Estates of Parliament, Have by Our Act, of the Date the thir­ty one Day of May last by-past, Impowered the Lords, and others of Our Privy Council, to provide such a number of Pio­niers, as shall be found necessary to be furnished out of the Countries neighbouring with, and nearest to Innerlochie, in the most convenient Methods, for the ease of the Countrey, and effectuating the Design or making a Fortification at the said place; and Have also Impowered Our Privy Council, to proportion and Impose Baggage Horses, for transporting of Provision and Furniture, necessary to the Ar­my, as is more fully exprest in the said Act of Parliament. And We, with Advice of Our Privy Council, finding that it is requisit and ne­cessary for the more effectual prosecution of Our Service, in this present Expedition, that there be the number of five hundred Pioniers rai­sed out of the particular Shires and Burghs aftermentioned, and sent to the particular places under-written, the dayes after-specified, in order to their March, under the Conduct of Our Forces, to Work and make up a Fortification at Innerlochie, and that a competent number of Baggage Horses be sent alongst with the Forces, under the Command of Major General McKay, in his March against the Rebels, now in Arms against Us and Our Authority, to remain and abide with Our Army, during such space as the said Major General McKay, or in his absence, the Chief Commander of Our Army for the time shall appoint. Therefore We, with Advice of Our Privy Council, Do Or­dain the Sheriffs of the Shires of Sutherland, Caithness, Inverness, Rosse, Nairn, Cromarty, Elgin, Bamff, Aberdene, and Kincardin to meet, with two or three of the Commissioners of Supply, within the respective Shires, if more cannot be had, and to proportion and send out the number of Pioniers aftermentioned, out of the Shires underwritten, viz. The number of twenty two out of Sutherland, thirty five out of Caithnesse, the number of an hundred fifty four Pioniers out of the Shires of Invernesse and Rosse, whereof eighty three out of the Shire of Rosse, and seventy one out of the Shire of Invernesse, (the Burghs not included) the number of seventeen out of the Shire of Nairn the number of five out of the Shire of Crommarty, sixty three out of Elgine, sixty eight out of the Shire of Bamss, and out of the Shires of Aberdene and Kin­cardin, the Town of Aberdene included, because of the great distance, and of their being otherwise imployed in Their Majesties Service, the number of an hundred Pioniers, whereof the number of sixty nine out of the Shire of Aberdene, fourteen out of the Burgh thereof, and the number of seventeen out of the Shire of Kincardin: And We, with Advice and Consent foresaid, Appoints the Magistrats of the Burghs after rehearsed, to raise and send out the number of Pioniers afterspecified, viz. The Magistrats of Week one, the Magistrats of Forress two, the Magistrats of Dingwall one, the Majistrats of Dornock, one the Magistrats ot Forterosse two, the Magistrats of Tajn two, the Magistrats of Crommarty two the Magistrats of Invernesse thirteen, the Magistrats of Cullen one, the Majistrats of Bamss three, the Magistrats of Nairn one, and the Magistrats of Elgin six: And We Ordain the Pioniers within the Shires of Kincardin, Aberdene and Bamss, to be at Strathhogie, upon the eighteenth day of June instant; and these Pioniers which are to be sent out of the rema­nent Shires and Burghs above-mentioned, to be at Invernesse upon the said eighteenth day ot June current, with Certification to such who shall be appointed to furnish, and send out the saids number of Pioniers, that if they shall failȝie to give ready obedience to Our Commands, that they shall not only be lyable in the sum of eight shilling Scots a day, during the whole space and time the saids Pioniers shall be imployed at the said Fortification, and until they return, but shall also be otherways punished as Contemners of Our Authority, in such way and manner as Our Privy Council shall find just; And for the more effectual prosecution thereof, We hereby allow the Sheriffs of the respective Shires, with two or three of the Commissioners of Supply, to give order to quarter upon the Deficients, for payment of the said eight shilling Scots a-day, in the same way and manner as for the Cess; and that the Sheriffs of the Shire shall be lyable to hold compt therefore: And We do in the [...]anner, Ordain the Leaders of Militia Horse within the Shires of Stirling and Clackmannan, Fife and Kinrosse, Perth and Forsar, to send out each of them a sufficient Baggage Horse, for each Militia Horse they lead, sufficiently furnished and graithed with Sodds and Sack, an pair of Backels or Creills, and the said Leaders to send out a man with each two Horse, extending the saids Baggage Horses, for the Shires of Fife and Kinrosse, (the Towns not included) to the number of an hundred seventy six Horses, for the Shire of Stirling and Clackmannan, to the number of eighty eight Horses: for the Shire of Perth, to the number of an hundred seventy six Horses, and for the Shire of Forsar, to the number of an hundred and three Horses: And We appoint the Magistrats of the several Burghs under-written, to send out the proportion of Horse and Men after-mentioned, viz. The Magistrats of Perth, the number ot ten Horses and five men, the Magistrats of Dundee, the number of fifteen Horses and eight men, the Magistrats of Stirling five Horses and three men, the Magistrats of St. Andrews, six Horses and three men, the Magistrats of Dysart two Horses and one man, the Magistrats of Monrosse five Horses and three men, the Magistrats of Anstruther Easter and Wester, one Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Innerkeithing, one Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Brichen, one Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Pittenweem, two Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Dumfermling, two Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Aberbrothick, one Horse and one Man, the Magistrats of Culrosse, one Horse and one Man, and the Magistrats of Crail, two Horse and one man; All suffi­ciently furnished with Graith and Furniture; in manner above-mentioned. And We, with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, Do hereby give and grant full Power and Warrant to each of the saids Leaders of the Militia, to press the Horse, or Horses he is lyable to furnish within any part of his Locality, not exceeding the value of fourty eight pounds Scots, and We appoint that the saids Leaders cause value and com­prise the said Horse or Horses, they shall send out by three honest Neighbours upon Oath, before the Sheriff of the Shire, or his Depute, or a­ny two of the saids Commissioners, with their Graith, not exceeding forty shiliing Scots, to the end, that if they shall not return, or if they do return, in case they shall be pryzed worse, each Heretor within the Leaders Locality may be answerable, for the Leaders Relief, according to the proportion of his valued Rent; and if they make not ready payment thereof, We do hereby Authorize the Commissioners of the Militia, or any two of them, upon application to grant Warrants to quarter and poynd for the said proportion, and to cause apprise the poynds according to the manner of poynding for deficiency of the Militia. And We hereby allow the Heretors to take their relief for the proportion by Poll off the Tennents, and their Inhabitants within their bounds, the Cottars and Tradesmen being reckoned to a third. And further, We with Ad­vice and Consent foresaid, Do hereby grant Warrant to every Leader to press a Man to go along with every two Horse, out of any part of his Locality, in case of refusal, And We hereby Require the Leaders of the Militia Horse, and the Magistrats of the Burghs above-mentioned to send their proportion or Horses and Men so furnished, and raised in manner foresaid, to the Burgh of Perth betwixt and the twelfth Day of this cur­rent Month of June, with Certification to such as shall failȝie herein, they shall be lyable in payment of the sum of sixty pounds Scots for each de­ficient Horse, to be applyed for the relief of any other Horse that shall be pressed through his default; And further, shall be lyable to be punish­ed in his person and Goods at the Councils pleasure, as disaffected to Us and Our Government. And We Allow and Impower the Majistrats of the Burghs respective abovementioned, to press the Horses and Men to be sent out by them within their own Jurisdiction, and to stent the cur­gesses and Inhabitants for relief thereof, and of the Graith to be sent along with them, the value of the Horse, not exceeding the said sum of for­ty eight pounds; Scots, and the Graith forty shilling money foresaid. And We Do hereby Declare, That these Pioniers, as also the men that shall go along with the Baggage Horses, shall have two pecks of Meal, and twelve shilling Scots a-week, or five shilling Scots a-day, payed and furnished to them by the Commissars and Paymasters of the Army, they alwayes entertaining themselves, and that from the day of their arrival at the places respective above-mentioned, to which they are appointed to march in manner foresaid. Our Will is herefore, and We Charge you straitly and Command, that incontinent, these Our Letters seen, ye pass, and in Our Name and Authority, make publication hereof, at the Mercat Crofs of Edinburgh, and at the Head Burghs of the respective Shires abovementioned, and at the several Church-Doors within the saids Shires upon Sunday after Divine Service, immediatly after receipt hereof, by the Sheriffs of the Shires and their Deputs, that none may pretend Ignorance. And Ordains these Presents to be Printed.

Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. DA. MONCREIFF, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD save King WILLIAM and Queen MARY.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the King and Queens most Excellent Majesties, Anno DOM, 1690

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