A PROCLAMATION For establishsing Lieutenents in the Shires of Argyle and Tarbet, for securing the Peace of the High-lands.

CHARLES by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
to Our Lovits, [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and seve­rally, specially constitute, greeting;

Forasmuch, as We understanding that Archibald late Earl of Ar­gyle hath not only consulted and concurred with English conspirators, in their late treasonable Plot against Our Person, Our dearest and only Brother, and Our Royel Government, but hath been eminently active therein, encouraging his Complices, by undertaking to raise a considerable Force in this Our Ancient Kingdom, for beginning, and carring on of that villanous Conspiracy; And We being obliged by the Law of GOD and Man, to endeavour by all just means to disappont those Hellish Machinations, and to prevent the ruine of Our good People, which necessarily would ensue, if the malicious designs of the said late Earl of Argyle, and others his Accomplices, should take any effect; And We having in order thereto, established Lieutenents in the Shires of Argyle, and Tarbet, for preventing and suppressing the Projects and Seditions intended by the said late Earls de­scending in these places, and his Convocating others, who are ill-principled, and disaffected to Our Government; And it being fit that the saids Lieutenents should be assisted by Our other good Subjects, in case of such traiterous attempts: We therefore, by vertue of Our Royal Authority, and with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, Do hereby Command and Require, that the persons af­ter-named, have in readiness with all convenient diligence, the respective proportions, and number of Men after-mentioned, well pro­vided, in Feir of Weir, well Armed, and with thirty days Provision, for concurring with, and assisting our said Lieutenents, in main­taining Our Royal Authority, and executing of Our Laws, and preserving the Peace of this Our Realm, as they shall be required by Our saids Lieutenent, on any necessary occasion, viz. The Earl of Monteith two hundred Men, and the Laird Luss one hundred Men, for assisting the Lieutenent of Cowel, when they shall be required: The Marquess of Athol three hundred Men, and the Earl of Braid-Albin three hundred Men, to assist the Lieutenent of Inverrary: The Sheriff of Boot two hundred Men: The Laird of Mcclean two hundred Men: [...] Mccleud of Harris two hundred Men: And [...] for Ila two hundred Men, for assisting the Lieutenent of Sadell or Kintyre: The Marquess of Huntley, and Earl of Perth three hunderd Men: The Laird of Mc­kintosh two hundred Men: The Laird of Mckinnen one hundred Men, And the Laird of Appine one hundred Men, for assisting the Lieu­tenent of Craigness: The Marquess of Huntley, and Earl of Perth three hundred Men, The Laird Lochyell two hundred Men: The Captain of Clanronnald two hundred Men, And the Laird of Glengarry one hundred Men: for assisting the Lieutenent of Dunstaffnage; The Earl of Mary three hundred Men: The Laird Weem one hundred Men, The Earl of Seaforth three hundred Men, And Sir Donald Mcdonald of Slait two hundred Men, for assisting the Lieutenent of Tarbet: And all the person above-named, are hereby requi­red to have their foresaids number in readiness, and to certiorat Our Chancellor thereof, with all convenient diligence, and to have their saids Numbers fitted and prepared to march with all diligence to the saids respective Lieutenents, as they shall require the fa­mine: And to the effect the ill-affected people may be the more terrified from attempting any thing to the prejudice of Us, or of Our good Subjects: We hereby Command and Require all Our Liedg-men, betwixt sixty and sixteen, within the respective Shires after-mentioned well provided, in Feir of Weir, to march on six days warning, with thirty days Provision, to the assistance of the several Lieutenents, when they shall require the same; and there to act and do as they shall be commanded by the saids Lieutenents, or others having command from Us; To wit, all within the Shires Dumbartoun, and Stirling, and Stewartry of Monteith, for to answer the Lieutenent of Cowall: All within the Shire of Perth, to answer the Lieutenent of Inverrary: All within the Shires of Forfer and Kincardine, and Stewartry of Stra­thern, to answer the Lieutenent of Craigness: All within the Shires of Aberdene and Bamff, above Kincairn of Neill, Kildrummie, and Keith, to answer the Lieutenent of Tarbet: All within the Shire of Boot, Isles of Mull and Ila, to answer the Lieutenent of Saddel or Kintrey: And all within the Shires of Inuerness, Elgine, Nairn and Ross, to answer the Lieutenent of Dunstaffnage, And all Our Leidges are hereby required to give obedience to the saids Lieutenents, to act, assist, and concurr with them in manner foresaid, under the pain of tinsel of Life, Lands, and Goods; And thereby, and attour, all the Fencible Men within ilk respective Division, are hereby required to give obedience to said Lieutenents, in manner, and to the effect above-written, under the foresaids pain. And to the ef­fect Our special pleasure in the premisses may be made known, that all persons concerned may give exact and punctual obedience there­unto. Our Will is, and We charge you strictly, and command, that incontinent, these Our Letters seen, ye pas to the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, and remanent Mercat Cross of the Head Burghs of the Shires of this Kingdom, and there by open Proclamation, make Publication of the premisses, that none may pretend ignorance. As also, We ordain these presents to be affixt on the several Paroch Kirk-doors within the High-lands, and the several Sheriffs of the Shires foresaids, to see the same done accordingly, as they will be an­swerable.

Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. WILL PATERSON. Cls. [...]

GOD save the KING

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