[royal blazon or coat of arms]

A PROCLAMATION For Discovering and Apprehending such as Rob the Pacquets.

WILLIAM and MARY by the Grace of GOD, King and Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith,
To Our Lovits, [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, and Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, Greeting:

Forasmuch as some Persons of Per­nicious and Disloyal Principles, have frequently of late made it their business to Rob and away-take the ordinary Pacquet, and thereby have done their outmost endeavours to Intercept Our Royal Commands to Our Commissioner and Privy Council, and to hinder that Communication, which is absolutely requi­site, both for the right Administration of Our Government, and the Support of Trade and Commerce amongst Our good Subjects, to the high Contempt of Our Authority, and the great Loss and Damnage of Our People; and particularly, James Seton Youngest lawful Son to the Viscount of Kingstoun, and John Seton, Brother-German to Sir George Seton of Garlestoun, being highly disaffected to Us, and Our Government; Did upon Saturnday last, the Sixteenth day of Au­gust current, in the After-noon, (having at first put on Masques on their Faces,) in an Hostile manner, Assault, and Fall upon the Post-Boy of Cockburnspath, betwixt the Alms-house and Hedderwick-muire, as he was Riding the ordinary Pacquet from Cockburnspath to Haddingtoun; and holding a Bended Pistol to his Breast, threatned to kill him; and having tyed the Horse [...] Post boys Feet, and bound himself with Cords, did carry away the Pacquet towards Garletoun; and the Persons a­ [...]ed, having been afterwards under Custody; and being Conscious to themselves of their own Guilt, have made their [...]nd at thi [...] [...] of Justice: And We being earnestly desirous, that these Persons, als well as any [...] and Villainous Crimes, should be Discovered and Apprehended, that they may be [...] Punishment, and that such a bold Enterprize may not be attempted for the future; Do therefore, with [...] of Our Privy Council, Command and Require all Our Sheriffs, Stewarts, Magistrats of Our Royal Burghs, Baillies of Our Bailliaries and Regalities, Justices of Peace, and all other Ministers of Our Law, to make diligent Search and Enquiry for the said James and John Setons, or any others whom they can discover to have been accessory with them in the saids Crimes, and all such who hitherto have enterprized such a daring Attempt, as the Robbing and Stealing of Our ordinary Pacquet and to Commit them to Prison, until they be Tryed according to Law. And We with Advice foresaid, hereby pe­remptorily Prohibite and Discharge all and sundry Our Leidges, from Robbing, Reaving, or Stealing, Stopping, or Inter­cepting of the ordinary Pacquet, Black-Box, or By-Bag, whether by open Force and Violence, or otherways, under the Pains and Penalties due to Common-Reavers and Robbers, and Disturbers of the Publick Peace, by the Laws and Practicque of this Nation: And in case any shall be so daringly bold, as to attempt any such thing hereafter, We with Advice and Consent of Our Privy Council, Ordain all Our Leidges, upon the first notice thereof, immediatly to Rise, Cry, Raise the Fray, and follow them, with Certification to such who shall be negligent herein, or who ever Resets or Intertains them with Meat, Drink, Lodging, or otherways, shall be holden and repute as Partakers, and Art and Part of the saids Crimes, and shall be Punished according­ly. And for the more effectual Discovery and Apprehending of the saids James and John Setons, or any others, which have, or shall be guilty of the saids Crimes, of Seizing upon, Stealing, or Intercepting of the saids Pacquets, We, with Ad­vice foresaid, do Assure and Declare, that what-ever Charges and Expences shall be laid out by any of Our Leidges, upon the said Service, or what ever damnage shall be sustained by them, in discovering and apprehending of the saids Criminals, shall be duely refounded and payed to them, with a competent Reward for their pains and diligence, according to the Qua­lity and Merit of the said Service. Our Will is herefore, and We Charge you straitly, and Command that incontinent, these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, Haddingtoun, Dunce, and other places needful, and that at the re­spective Places, in Our Name and Authority, make Publication of the Premisses, that none may pretend ignorance.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD save King WILLIAM and Queen Mary

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Excellent Majesties, Anno Dom. 1690.

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