A PROCLAMATION For Collecting and In-bringing the Pole-Money, appointed to be payed at Martinmass, 1695. by an Act of the last Session of Parliament.

WILLIAM by the Grace of GOD, King of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith: To Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally constitute, Greeting: Forasmuch as, We have thought good, that the Pole-money Imposed by an Act of the last Session of Our Current Parliament, shall be Uplifted [...]nd In-gathered by way of Collection. Therefore We, with Advice of Our Privy Council, and conform to the Reference made to them by the said Act, have Ordained, and hereby Ordains, that the foresaid Pole-money be Uplisted, Collected and brought in at the sight, and by the direction of the Commissioners for Supply, throughout the whole Shires of the Kingdom, in manner following, viz. That the saids commissioners, or their Quorum, appointed by the forsaid Act of Parliament, to meet and subdivide themselves for taking up Rolls and Lists of all the Poleable persons within their respective bounds, the days, and in the manner mentioned in the said Act, do at the saids days sub-divide themselves, appointing two, either of their own number, or of the Heretors of every Paroch, for each Paroch, with power to the saids Sub-commissioners at their meeting in the saids Paroches, for taking up Lists and Rolls as said is to choose and nominat a fit and responsal person to be both Clerk and Collector of the Pole of that Paroch; as also to call the Elders or Deacons, or other fit persons within the Paroch, and cause them give up upon Oath, to the best of their knowledge, the names of all the persons within the Paroch, and to cause every House-keeper give up the number, names, and quality of all within House, which names, with the qualities and degrees of the persons, and the condition of their Estate, as they stand Poleable by the said Act of Parliament, are to be set down by the said Clerk in a List or Roll, at the sight of the saids two Sub-Commissioners for that end, and the same with the Sum that the whole Pole amounts to, is to be Subscribed by the saids Commissio­ners (who are hereby fully impowered to controll the same, and to determine all questions arising thereon) and their Clerk, and then to be given in to the Collector of the Supply within the Shire, who is to Registrat the same in a Book to be kept by him for that effect, and Extracts of the Roll of every Paroch are to be Subscribed, and given out by the Collector of the Shire to the Sub-Collectors of the Paroch, for uplisting and in-gathering of the Sums therein contained; and the List and Rolls of all the Paroches within the Shire being brought in, and Booked and Recorded as said is the Books shall be Subscribed by the Commissioners of the Shire, or their quorum, and an Authentick double thereof under the Commissioners and their Col­lectors hands, sent in to the Lords of the Thesaury, betwixt and the day appointed by the said Act of Parliament: And the foresaid sub-Collector of the said Paroches getting Subscribed Extracts of the Rolls, as said is, are to uplist the Pole-money from the persons lyable therein, conform to the saids Extract the time, and in the manner prescribed by the said Act of Par­liament; And for the discharge of the persons making payment, the Sub-Collectors are to have another Roll or Book, bearing this Title, BOOK or ROLL of the Poleable persons within such a Paroch, who have made payment of their respective Poles, set down, with their names in manner subjoyned. Which Title being Signed by the saids two Sub-commissioners, and the persons making payment getting their Names and Sums set down in the said Roll or Book by the Sub-collector of the paroch, shall be to them a sufficient acquittance, without the necessity of any Discharge apart, in case the party shall not require a Discharge: And this Book or Roll containing the names and proportions of the Deficients after the number of Thirty days allowed to the persons lyable to come in and make payment, shall be given in, with the Money collected in every Paroch, to the Colletor for Supply of the Shire, who is immediatly, to give to the Sub-Collectors an Extract of the said Roll of payments for the Paroch, with his Discharge at the foot thereof, Registrat in the Books of the Commissioners of Supply, and an Extract of the same is to be returned and kept in the Kirk Session Records of the Paroch: And the Collector for the Shire is further to insert the said Rolls, after first being compared by two of the Commissio­ners with the former Rolls, in another Book, to be kept by the saids Collectors, and Subscribed by the Commissioners of the Shire, or their quorum, as the Register of payments, of which second Book or Register an authentick double subscribed as above, is also to be sent in to the Lords of Our Thesaury, within Fifteen days after the expiring of the said Thirty days, and with­in the same space the foresaid Collectors of Supply for the Shires, are hereby ordained to make payment to the Receiver-general of the Total received by them for the Paroches of every Shire, for which they are to have the General Receivers Discharge so the Shire relative to the foresaid Book and Register of payments brought in to the Thesaury, as said is, and which Discharge is to be Registrat in the Books of Exchequer, and an Extract thereof given to the Collector of the Shire, to be carried back and kept in the Records of the shire, and the foresaid Clerks and Sub-Collectors of the Paroches, for their whole pains in the premisses, are to have an allowance from the Commissioners of the Shire out of their Collection, not exceeding two per Cent of the Money by them collected, and are hereby also declared to be punishable and fyneable for their neglect or fraud in the saids Trufts by the Commissioners of the Shires, as they shall see cause. Likeas, the said Collector of Supply for the Shire, is for all his pains in the hail permisses, to have an allowance from the Commissioners of the Shire, not exceeding Two per Cent. of the Money to be payed in to him by the Sub-Collectors & the said Collectors of Supply, is likewise hereby declared to be punishable and fynable by the Commissioners of the Shire, for their neglect and fraud, as they shall see cause: And the foresaid Commissioners of the Shires are hereby commanded to attend and do their duty in the premisses, in manner prescribed by the said Act of Par­liament for Pole-money, & by this proclamation under the pain each of them of Ten Pounds Scots toties quoties, to be given to the Commissioners that do meet; and the Clerks of Supply for the several Shires, are hereby ordained to send in Lists to the Clerks of our Privy Council, of the Commissioners that do not meet, or keep the meetings, either for the Paroches, or for the whole shire, Within the space of Fifteen days after the elapsing of their respective Dyets, to the effect Letters may be direct against the saids Commissioners, failzieing to meet, for payment of their saids Fines. And further, the said Commissioners, in case of their other neglects and failzieurs in the premisses: As also, the said Collectors of Shires failzleing in their parts, are hereby declared pu­nishable by Our Council, as they shall see cause: And what is hereby appointed as to Commissioners of Shires within their bounds foresaid, is also appointed and enjoyned to Magistrats with­in Burgh, and their Sub-Collectors, and under the same pains in all points, with this express provision, that the Sub-Collectors for Burghs give in their whole Lists to the Collector of Supply of the Shire whereof they are apart, to be by them Registrat: And to the effect the Commissioners of the shire may inspect and see how the same are made and managed. And lastly, It is declared, that the foresaid Sub-Collectors and Collectors shall have power to exact the doubles and quadruples, in case of failzie, either by omitting, wrong up-giving, not pay­ment, or otherwise, conform to the said Act of Parliament, in which doubles and quadruples in the cases forsaids, the foresaid Sub-Commissioners for Paroches, and Commissioners for Shires, are hereby impowered to decern the persons failzieing, and to direct Execution against them in all points, conform to the Act of Parliament. OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, and We charge you strictly, and command that incontinent, these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and to the Mercat-Crosses of the remanent Head Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartries within this Our ancient Kingdom, and there by open Proclamation, make Intimation hereof, that none may pretend ignorance. And ordains these presents to be Printed.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the His most Excellent Majesty Anno DOM, 1695.

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