A PROCLAMATION, For Calling of the PARLIAMENT. Edinburgh, the fifteenth day of July, one thousand six hundred and sixty nine.

CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith; To all and sundry Our good Subjects, whom these presents do or may concern, Greeting. Forasmuch as, upon divers great and weighty considerations, relating to the establishment of the quiet and happiness of this Our ancient Kingdom in all its Interests, and for the good of Our Service; We do think it necessary to call a Parliament, to be held at Edinburgh, and to begin the nineteenth day of October next, at which time, Our Commissioner, sufficiently authorized and instructed by Us, shall be present. Therefore, We, with advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, do hereby require and command, all the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, the Arch­bishops and Bishops, the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Discounts, Lords, and Our Officers of Estate of this Kingdom, to be present at Our Parliament the said day: As also, We do require and command all those who have right to choose Commissioners for the several Shires, to meet within the respective Shires at the Michaelmas head Court next ensuing, and make their Elections according to Law; And sicklike, We require and command Our Royal Burroughs to meet in due time for choosing of their Commis­sioners; And that the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Our Officers of Estate afore­mentioned, Commissioners of Shires and Burroughs, and all other persons concerned and having interest, be present at Edinburgh the foresaid nineteenth day of October, to keep this meeting of Our Parliament, under the pains contained in Our Acts of Parliament made thereanent. And that all Our good Subjects may have notice of this Our Royal Will and Pleasure, We do hereby command Our Lyon King at Arms, and his brethren Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants and Messengers at Arms, to make timeous Proclamation hereof at the Mercat-crosse of Edinburgh, and at the Mercat-crosses of the head Burroughs of the several Shires of this Our Kingdom, that none pretend ignorance.

Tho. Hay, Cls. Sti Concilii.

EDINBURGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, 1669.

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