A PROCLAMATION, For a General Fast.

Present in Council,
  • E. Crafurd P.
  • M. Douglas.
  • E. Southerland.
  • E. Leven.
  • E. Annandale.
  • L. Ross.
  • L. Carmichell.
  • Sir Hugh Campbel of Calder.
  • Sir James Montgomry of Skelmorly.
  • Sir Arch. Murray of Blackbarrony.
  • James Brodie of that I [...]k.
  • Sir John Hall L. Provost of Edinburgh.

FOrasmuch as the great and long abounding of Sins of all sorts amongst all Ranks of Persons, with the continued Impeniten­cy under them, and not Reforming therefrom; The falling from their first Love; and great Faintings and Failings of Mi­nisters, and others of all Ranks, in the hour of Temptation, in their Zeal for God and his Work; and that although there be much cause to Bless God for the Comfortable Unity and Harmony amongst the Ministers, and Body of Christian Pro­fessors in this Church; Yet that there are such Sad, and Continuing Divisions amongst some, is also matter of Lamentation be­fore God; The great Ingratitude for his begun Deliverance of this Nation from Popery and Slavery, and unsuitable Walking thereunto; The Contempt of the Gospel, not Mourning for former, and present Iniquities, nor turning to the Lord by such Reformation and Holiness, as so great Work calls for; The many Sad and long continued Tokens of Gods Wrath, in the hid­ing of his Face, and more especially in his Restraining the Power and Presence of his Spirit, with the Preached Gospel, in the Con­version of Souls, and Edifying the Converted; and the Lord's Threatning the Sword of a Cruel and Barbarous Enemy, in the present great Distress of Ireland, by the prevailing of an Anti-Christian Party there; and Threatning the Sword of the same Enemy at home, and the great and imminent Danger of the Reformed Protestant Religion, not only from an open Declared Party of Papists, Enemies to the same, but from many other professed Protestants, who joyn Issue with them in the same Design, be­fides the Sad Sufferings, and Scatterings of Reformed Churches Abroad; Having Seriously, and Religiously moved the Presbyte­rian Ministers, Elders and Professors of the Church of Scotland, Humbly to Address themselves to the Lords of His Majesties Pri­vy Council, for a General Fast and Day of Humiliation, to be kept throughout the whole Kingdom, The saids Lords, Do out of a Pious and Religious Disposition, approve of the said Motion, as Dutiful and Necessary at the time; and therefore in His Majesties Name and Authority, Do Command a Solemn and Publick Fast, and Day of Humiliation, to be Religiously and Sin­cerely Observed throughout this Kingdom, both in Churches and Meeting-Houses, as they would avert Wrath, and procure and continue Blessings to this Kingdom; and that all persons whatsomever may send up their Fervent Prayers and Supplicati­ons to Almighty God, that he would pour out upon all Ranks, a Spirit of Grace and Supplication, that they may Mourn for all their Iniquities, and more especially, that God would pour forth upon King WILLIAM, and Queen MARY, and upon all in­ferior Magistrats, and Counsellors, a Spirit of Wisdom for Government, and Zeal for God, his Church, and Work in this Land, as the present case of both do Call for, and that God may preserve Them for Carrying on that great Work, which he hath so Gloriously and Seasonably begun by them; and that God would Countenance, and Bless with Success, the Armies by Sea and Land, raised for the Defence of the Protestant Religion; and more especially, that God would pour forth a Spirit of Holiness upon them, lest their Sins, and ours may provock God against them in the Day of Battel; and that he would Bless all Means for the Settlement of Church and State: That God would Bless the Season of the Year, and give Seasonable Wea­ther for Cutting Down, and Gathering in the Fruits of the Earth, that the Stroke of Famine, which God hath frequently Threat­ned the Nation with, may be averted. And the saids Lords of His Majesties Privy Council, Do, in Name and Authority fore­said, Command and Charge, That the said Solemn and Publick Fast, be Religiously, and Devoutly Performed, both in Churches and Meeting-Houses, by all Ranks and Degrees of Persons within this Kingdom, on this side of the Water of Tay, upon Sun­day the fifteenth day of September next to come; and by all others be-north the same, upon Sunday thereafter, the twenty second day of the said Moneth of September: And to the End that this part of Divine Worship, so pious and necessary, may be punctually kept upon the respective Dayes above-mentioned, They Ordain Sir William Lockhart Sollicitor, in the most conve­nient and proper way, to Dispatch, and send Copies hereof to the Sheriffs, their Deputs, and Clerks of the several Shires of this Kingdom, to be by them Published at the Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs, upon Receipt thereof, and immediatly sent to the several Ministers, both of Churches and Meeting-Houses, that upon the Lords Day immediatly preceeding the Fast, and up­on the respective Dayes of the publick Fast, and Humiliation, the Ministers may Read, and Intimat this Proclamation from the Pulpit, in every Paroch-Church, and Meeting-House; and that they exhort all Persons to a Serious and Devout Performance of the saids Prayers, Fasting and Humiliation, as they regard the Favour of Almighty God, and the Safety and Preservation of the Protestant Religion, and expect a blessed success to the Carrying on of that Great and Glorious Work of this Nations being De­livered from Popery and Slavery, so seasonably begun, and as they would avoid the Wrath and Indignation of God against this Kingdom, and procure, and continue manifold Blessings to the same: Certifying all these who shall contemn, or neglect such a religious and necessary Duty, they shall be proceeded against, and punished as Contemners of his Majesties Authority, Ne­glecters of Religious services, and as persons disaffected to the Protestant Religion, as well as to their Majesties Royal Persons and Government. And Ordains these Presents to be Printed, and Published by Macers, or Messengers at Arms, at the Mer­cat-Cross of Edinburgh, and other places above-mentioned, that none may pretend ignorance.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

God save King VVilliam and Queen Mary.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, by Order of Secret Council, Anno Dom. 1689.

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