Discharging the receipt of the REBELS lately in Armes in the VVest.

CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, De­fender of the Faith,
To all and sundry Our Lieges and Subjects whom these presents do or may concern, Greeting.

Forasmuch, as upon the first notice given to Our Privy Council, of the rising and gathering of these disloyal and seditious persons in the West, who have of late appeared in Armes in a desperate and avowed Rebellion, against Us, Our Government and Laws, We declared them to be Traitors, and discharged all Our Subjects to assist, resset, supply, or correspond with any of them, under the pain of Treason: And the saids Rebels and Traitors being now, by the blessing of GOD upon Our Forces, subdued, dissipat and scattered, and such of them as were not either killed or taken in the field, being lurking in the Country; and we being unwilling that any of Our good Subjects should be insnared or brought in trouble by them, we have therefore, by the advice of Our Privy Council, thought fit again hereby to discharge and inhibite all Our Subjects, That none of them offer or presume to harbour resset, supply or corre­spond, hide or conceal the persons of Colonel James Wallace, Major Lermonth, Maxwel of Monrief younger, Mackclellan of Barscob, Gordoun of Parbrek, Mackclellan of Balmagechan, Cannon of Burnshalloch younger, Cannon of Barley younger, Cannon of Mordrogget younger, Welsh of Skar, Welsh of Cornley, Gordoun of Garery in Kells, Robert Chambers Brother to Gadgirth, Henry Grier in Balmaclelan, David Stot in Irongray, John Gordoun in Midtoun of Dalry, William Gordoun there, John Macknacht there, Robert and Gilbert Cannons there, Gordoun of Bar elder in Kirkpatrick-Durham, Patrick Macknacht in Cumnock, John Macknacht his Son, Gordoun of Holm younger, Dempster of Carridow, [...] of Dargoner, [...] of Sundiwall, Ramsay in the Mains of Arni­stoun, John Hutcheson in Newbottle Rew Chaplain to Scotstarbet, Patrick Listoun in Calder, William Listoun his Son, James Wilkie in the Mains of Cliftoun-hall, the Laird of Caldwell, the Goodman of Caldwell, the Laird of Kersland, the Laird of Bedland-Cunninghame, Porterfield of Quarreltoun, Alex­ander Porterfield his Brother, Lockhart of Wicketshaw, [...] Trail, Son to Mr. Robert Trail, David Poe in Pokelly, Mr. Gabriel Semple, John Semple, Mr. John Guthry, Mr. John Welsh, Mr. Samuel Arnot, Mr. James Smith, Mr. Alexander Pedden, Mr. [...] Orr, Mr. William Veitch, Mr. [...] Patton, Mr. Cruikshanks, Mr. Gabriel Maxwel, Mr. John Carstairs, Mr. James Mitchel, Mr. William Forsyth, Or any others who concurred or joyned in the late Rebellion, or who upon the account therof have appeared in Armes in any part of that Our Kingdom; but that they pursue them as the worst of Traitors, and present and deliver such of them as they shall have within their power to the Lords of Our Privy Council, the Sheriff of the County, or the Magistrates of the next adjacent Burgh-royal, to be by them made forthcoming to Law: Certifying all such as shall be found to fail in their duty herein, they shall be esteemed and punished as favourers of the said Rebellion, and as persons accessory to, and guilty of, the same. And to the end, all Our good Subjects may have timeous notice hereof, we do ordain these presents to be forthwith printed and published at the Mercat-crosses of Edinburgh, Air, Lanerk, Glasgow, Irwing, Wigtoun, Kirkcudburgh, Dumfries, and remanent Mercat-crosses of Our said Kingdom: And we do recommend to the Right Reverend Our Archbishops and Bishops, to give orders that this Our Proclamation be with all possible deli­gence read on the Lords-day in all the Churches within their several Diocesses.

Edinburgh, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, 1666.

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