C R[?]

A PROCLAMATION, Discharging the levying or transporting of Souldiers vvithout Licence.

CHARLES by the Grace of God, King of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, Defen­der of the Faith
to [...] Macers or Messengers at armes, Our Sheriffs in that part conjunctly and severally, specially, constitute, Greeting;

forasmuch, as, We by Our Proclamation, dated the twenty third day of July, one thousand six hundred, and seventy four years, did prohibite and discharge any person or persons to Levy any men in this Kingdom or to take or transport any of Our Sub­jects thereof into the service of any forreign Prince or State, without Our special Licence: and discharged all Masters of ships to receive on board, or transport them under all highest pains to be inflicted on the contra­veeners. Requiring thereby the fermorers of Our Customes and Excise their collectors and waiters, to take special notice of any such persons whom they should find passing furth of this Kingdom upon the foresaid accompt; and to stop them in their passage, as they would be answerable: And if need were, that they require the concurrance of the Magistrates of Burghs and others in authority under Ʋs, to be aiding and assisting to them therein. Like­as, We by another Proclamation, of the date, the first day of October, the year foresaid did renew Our said Proclamation; and further, did prohibite and discharge all masters of ships to receive on board or to transport to any forreign countrey any subjects of this Kingdom, who had been levied without Our special licence, or any other [...] who are not [...] or sea-men, unless they had a pass under the hand of any one of Our [...] authorize and require any of Our privy Counsellors upon information given, that any of Our subjects of this King­dom, souldiers or others were taken on to serve in any forreign countrey without warrand as said is, to cause stop them in their passage and imprison them and to cause seise upon and secure the persons who had ingaged them, or should be known to have been dealing with and seducing them thereto, until they should find caution, to answer for the some, and that they should not levy nor transport any of Our subjects to any forreign service with power to any Privy Counsellor to give such orders as should be necessarie for that effect to the magistrates of Burghs or any of the standing forces, who are thereby required to put these orders inexecution as they wil be answerable at their high­est perill; and it is thereby declared, that such persons as had alreadie contraveened the foresaid Proclamation should be proceeded against and consored conform to the tenour thereof, as at length is contained in the saids Procla­mations. And whereas upon diverse important and weighty considerations, We have thought fit again to re­new Our saids former Proclamation. We therefore, with advice of the Lords of Our Privie Councill, do [...] Proclamations aforesaids and ordains the same to continue and stand in ful force and to be pun­ctually observed and put in execution in time coming after the form and tenour thereof, and under the pains and certifications therein contained in all points. And ordains these persents to be printed, and publication to be made[?] thereof at the mercat Cross of Edinburgh, and other places that none pretend ignorance. The which to do, We commit to you conjunctly and severally Our full power be thir Our Letters, delivering [...] duely execute and[?] [...] again to the bearer.

Al. Gibson Cl. Sti. Concilii.

God save the King.

[...] to the King's most Excellent MAJESTIE[?]

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