A PROCLAMATION, Against the resset of the Rebels, and for delivering them up to Justice.

CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
To all and sundry our Leidges and Subjects, whom these presents do or may concern, Greeting:

Forasmuch as upon the first notice given to our Privy Council of the Rising and Gathering of these dis-loyal and seditious Persons in the West, who have of late appeared in Arms in a desperate and avowed Rebellion against Us, Our Government and Laws, We did declare them to be Traitors, and discharged all our Subjects to assist, resset, supply, or correspond with any of them, under the pain of Treason. And the saids Rebels and Traitors, being now (by the blessing of God upon our Forces) subdued, dis­sipated and scattered; And such of them as were not either killed or taken in the Field, be­ing either retired secretly to their own homes and Houses, expecting shelter and protecti­on from the respective Heretors, in whose Lands they dwell, or lurking in the Countrey. And we being unwilling that any of Our good Subjects should be ensnared, or brought into trouble by them; Have therefore with advice of our Privy Council, thought fit again to discharge and prohibite all our Subjects, Men or Women, that none of them offer or pre­sume to harbour, resset, supply, correspond with, hide or conceal the Persons of Robert Ha­milton, Brother German to the Laird of Prestoun, John Patoun in M [...]adow-head, alias Captain Patoun, Joseph Lermont, alias Major Lermont, William Cleeland, [...] John Balfour of Kinioch [...] Whytfoord of Blaquhan younger, [...] Mc­clellan of Barscob, John Wilson, son to Alexander Wilson Town-Clerk of Lanerk, [...] Rosse, pretended Major, Thomas Weir, brother to Kirk field, [...] Hackstoun of Rathillet, [...] Carmichael, son to the Earl of Wigtons Chamberlane, [...] Cannon of Mondrogat, Mr. William Ferguson of Ketloch, James Russel in Kingsketle, George Balfour in Gilstoun, Andrew and Alexander Hendersons, sons to John Henderson in Kilbraichmont, Andro Guilan Weaver in Balmerino, George Fleeming Younger of Balbuthy, Robert Dingwall, son to [...] Dingwall in Caldhame, Mr. Samuel Arnot, Mr. Gabriel Semple, Mr. John Welsh, Mr. John King, Mr. Donald Cargil, Mr. George Barclay, Mr. John Rae, Mr. Thomas Dowglas, Mr. [...] Forre­ster, Mr. Robert Muir, Mr. [...] Lamb, Mr. Richard Cameron, Mr. David Home [...] Ʋre of Shirgarton, [...] Forrester of Bank­head, John Haddoway Merchant in Dowglas, James White Writer there, [...] Cuninghame of Mountgrenan, and Mr. Iohn Cuninghame sometime of Bedland, James and William Cleillands, brethren in Law to John Haddoway Merchant in Dowglas, Tho­mas Bogle of Boglehole, alias Nether-Carmile, [...] Gordons of Earlstoun elder and younger, [...] Mcdowgall of French, The Laird of Remenstoun, brother to the Earl of Galloway, The Laird of Castle-stewart, brother to the said Earl, [...] Gordon of Craichlay, [...] Turnbul of Beuley, Thomas Turnbul of Standhill, Hendry Hall, George Home of Greddin, Macky of Clon­card, Mr. John Kae, [...] Somervel of Ʋrats, Mr. Archibald Riddel, brother to the Laird of Riddel, [...] Cathcarts, two sons of the Lord Cathcart, [...] Blair of Phinnick, [...] Murdoch, alias Laird Murdoch, Rolland Ritchison Fewar in Gilmerton and his three sons. Or any others who concurred or joyned in the late Rebellion, Or who upon the account thereof, have appeared in Arms in any part of this our Kingdom: But that they pursue them as the worst of Traitors, and present and deliver such of them as they shall have within their power, to the Lords of our Privy Council, the Sheriff of the County, or the Magistrats of the next adja­cent Burgh-Royal, to be by them made forth-coming to law: Certifying all Persons, either Heretors, Tenents, or other Men or Women, as shall be found to fail in their duty herein, They shall be esteemed and punished as Favourers of the said Re­bellion, and as Persons accessory to, and guilty of the same. And to the end, all Our good Subjects may have timeous notice hereof, We do ordain these presents to be forthwith Printed, and Published at the Mercat Crosses of Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Stirling, Lanerk, Air, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Irwing, Wigton, Kirckcudburgh, Dumfreice, Cowpar in Fife, Jedburgh, Perth, and remanent Mercat Crosses of the Head Burghs of the several Shires of the Kingdom, by Macers or Messengers at Armes: And we do recommend to the right Reverend our Archbishop and Bishops, To give order that this Our Proclamation be, with all diligence, read on the Lords day in all the Churches within their several Diocesses, that none pretended ignorance.

Al. Gibson, Cl. Sti. Concilii.

GOD save the KING.

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