A PROCLAMATION, Against spreading of false News, &c.

Present in Council.
  • The Earl of Perth, Lord High Chancelor.
  • His Grace the Lord Arch-bishop of St. Andrews.
  • His Grace the Lord Arch-bishop of Glasgow.
  • The Marquess of Athol, Lord Privy-Seal.
  • His Grace the Duke of Gordon.
  • The Earl of Errol.
  • The Earl of Marr.
  • The Earl of Cassils.
  • The Earl of Linlithgow, Lord Justice-General.
  • The Earl of Drumfermling.
  • The Earl of Strathmore.
  • The Earl of Southesque.
  • The Earl of Traquair.
  • The Earl of Belcarras.
  • The Earl of Bradalban.
  • The Lord Viscount of Tarbat, Clerk of Register.
  • The Lord Strathnaver.
  • The Lord Maitland, Theasurer-Deput.
  • The Lord Duffus.
  • The Lord Kinaird.
  • The Mr of Balmerino.
  • The Lord President of the Session.
  • The Lord Advocat.
  • The Lord Justice-Clerk.
  • The Lord Castlehill.
  • Lieutennent General Monro,
  • The Laird of Niddrie.

WHereas We have seen a Proclamation issued out in Name of His most Sacred Majesty, Declaring, That the Prince of Orange and his Adherents, have designed to Invade His Majesties Kingdoms; and that now His Majesty hath signified by His Royal Letter, of the date at Whitehall the fifth day of November Instant, That they are Landing in England, and in Order thereto, have Contrived and Framed several Treasonable Papers, and Declarations, Hoping thereby to Seduce and Corrupt His Majesties Subjects, and that several persons are im­ployed to disperse the same; And since such Methods may be taken to Corrupt His Majesties Subjects, in this His Antient Kingdom; Therefore We, the Lords of His Majesties Pri­vy Council, in His Royal Name, and by His Authority, have thought it necessary to Admo­nish all His Majesties Subjects within this Kingdom, of what degree or quality soever, that they do not Publish, Disperse, Repeat, or Hand about the saids Treasonable Papers, or De­clarations, or any of them, or any other Paper, or Papers of such like Nature, and particular­ly a Declaration in the Prince of Orange's Name, and another in the Name of the States General, nor presume to Read, Receive, Conceal, or Keep the said Treasonable Papers, or Declarations, or any of them, or any other Payer, or Papers to that purport; or to disperse any false News, tending to the Amusing His Majesties Subjects, or to the Disturbance of the Peace of the Kingdom, without Dis­covering, and Revealing the same as speedily as may be, to some of the Privy Council, or to some other Iudges, Iustices of the Peace, or Magistrats, upon peril of being prosecuted according to the outmost severity of Law.

Extracted forth of the Records of Privy Council, by me, WILL. PATERSON, Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the KING.

EDINBURGH, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty, Anno DOMINI. 1688.

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