[depiction of king and queen with battle scene in background]


Great Britains Fears and Tears in Joy Compleated,
The Popes great Hopes, Priests, Monks, and all Defeated.
Our Noble King and Queen God's Agents were,
Then God preserve Them, as he sent Them here.
WHen this most Noble Kingdom, Britain Great▪
Lay Languishing, in a deplored State.
When Popery had almost got the Day,
And Peeter's bore, so great a Sovereign Sway.
When Rooms black Locusts, (sent by Pope and Devil;)
Were Plotting, Hatching and Contriving Evil.
When Pope and Devil, so united were,
With tho' most Hellish, Cruel, Cut-Throats here.
When their design'd Gurs'd Massacre drew nigh,
The very Time, for our Mortality;
When all their Traps were Set, all put in Order,
As if no Arm of Flesh could stop the Murder.
When Hundreds dreaded, every Night their last,
Though Guards for safety, up and down were plac't.
When on the very Brink we Tottering stood,
Then, Then, the God of Mercy (for our good,
Beholding their Dark, Hellish Murtherous Ends,)
His Holy Angel, straight to Holland sends,
To stir the Heart up, of that Noble PRINCE,
To Land an Army here, for our Defence▪
And to Incite our Noble Protestants,
To joyn with them, to Help in all their Wants.
Then to Defend us, and put them to Shame,
This brave Heroick PRINCE of Orange came
He and his Men prevail'd, 'cause God had sent them;
Rome's Darlings fail'd, because God did prevent them.
God sent this Hero, to Defend our Cause;
The Pope sent them for to pervert our Lawes.
God stood for us, when they were hatching Evil:
God sent the Prince, they sent by Pope and Devil.
They could not-Fight, but fled, 'cause God did scare them,
Just like the Syrians, when no Army near them.
They fled for Fear, not hurt at all; and why,
Because from Heaven, God view'd their Villainy.
Smiting their Murtherous Hearts, with Dread and Terrour,
Which may convince all Cut-Throats of that Errour.
Then Judge you Papists, had your Cause been good,
God would have Help't you, and you would have stood.
But God abhor's your Whore, and for that Thing,
He sent that Noble Prince, now Britains King.
To stop your Treacherous Plots from going further,
Your Massacres; or your Religious Murther.
We also Hope, God will put from his Throne,
That Antichrist, that Whore of Babylon.
His wickedness, for Holiness he hath none,
For Holiness belongs to God alone.
How dare's then, that Seven Headed Scarlet Beast,
Presume that Title, to be God-like grac't,
Doth he not dread Heavens Vengeance to begin,
First on himself, pretending Pardons for Sin.
Can he Pardon others, for a little Pelf,
Whose Power is too weak to pardon Himself.
Can he pardon Sins, past, present, and to come,
To Rogue or Whore, that Bribes him with a Sum,
But to the Poor, who nothing have to give,
They in their Sins, must Dye as well as Live.
So then, by this the Rich are only Blest,
And of the Poor this Monster makes a Jest.
Yet to declare his Charity and Glory,
He grants them time to stay in Purgatory.
Until some of that Crew, (being met together)
Pray's them from thence, to go, they know not whether.
Blind Block-Heads, is your Ignorance so great,
That you can't see this Grand Religious Cheat.
Come, Come, we've now, a Noble King and Queen,
both Protestants, seldom in England seen.
Whom God hath sent, to be our Faith's Defenders,
In spite of Pope and all his false Pretenders.
They will not suffer Babels Whore to Reign,
They hate your Rubbidge, and your Priests disdain,
They hate your false Religious Murtherous Zeal,
Your Plots and Treasons, God will still reveal.
Then ope' your Eyes, and see your Horrid Cheat,
And be converted, er'e it be too Late.
Be of our Faith, then we shall all affect You,
Then will our Noble King and Queen protect You.
For to protect us, God hath sent them hither,
Both to preserve our Faith and Chu [...]ch together▪
Then God preserve our Noble King and Queen
From Plots and Treasons, and from Romish Spleen.
And Grant that we may our Lives Amend,
And serve the Lord our God unto the End.
T. S.

LONDON, Printed for John Newton, near the Sugar [...]oaf in Bell-Alley, Coleman street, 1689.

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