A PROCLAMATION Against Patrick Carnagy.

CHARLES, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defend [...] of the Faith,
To [...] Our Lyon K [...] at Arms, and his brethren Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants, or Messengers at Arms, Our S [...] ­riffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, Greeting;

We taking [...]Our Consideration, that it is incumbent to Us to protect the persons of all Our good [...] obedient Subjects, but more especially these, who because of their Nonage and Sex, being [...] able to defend themselves, do need the same in a more especial way; and We being Our Royal Prerogative, universal Tutor to all Minors, and being informed, that [...] Gray, daughter to the deceast James Gray of Ballegerno, had been in a barbarous and [...] mane manner taken away by force, out of the house of James Hay of Pitfour, her Tutor by Patrick Carnagy, brother to the Earl of Northesk, in which house she had been ordained to stay, by a Decision of Our Privy Council, and by their order Our Advocat was o [...] ­ned to insist against the said Patrick, and if he had been appearing, care had been taken [...] he should have been punished in a most exemplary way, that others might have thereby been deterred from a Crim [...] against which, We will-upon all occasions be most ready to shew the severest and deepest resentment: So he not having [...] peared, and being thereupon denounced Rebel, and put to Our Horn, We, with advice of Our Privy Council, have [...] ­ned these Our Letters, to be direct in manner-underwritten: Our will is herefore, and We charge you straitly, and [...] ­mand, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, ye Pass to the Mercat Crosses of Edinburgh, Perth [...] ­dee &c. And there, with Our Coat of Armes displayed, by sound of Trumpet, in Our Name and Authority, Co [...] and Charge, the said Patrick Carnagy to enter his person in Prison, within the Tolbuith of Edinburgh, there to rem [...] ­til he underly the Law for the foresaid Crime, within fifteen dayes next after he be charged be you the [...] ­der the pain of Treason; with certification to him if he failȝie, he shall be called, accused, and demained as a Traitor, c [...] to the Laws and Acts of Parliament of this Our Realm. And because We do not judge the ordinary paines of Rebel [...] sufficient punishment for such a Crime; That therefore, ye command and charge all Our Subjects, That they nor none o [...] after the expiring of the saids dayes of the Charge, presume, nor take upon hand to resset, supply, harbour or intercomm [...] the said Patrick Cernagy, by word, write, or message, Nor furnish him with meat, drink, house, or harbory, Nor trans [...] to, nor from Ferries, or otherwise to supply him with any thing necessary or comfortable to him, during the time of his [...] ­lion and until he enter his Person in Prison in manner foresaid; with certification to them if they failȝie, they shall be [...]ed accused, and pursued as Art and Part with him in the foresaid horrid Crime, and proceeded against accordingly, [...] form to the Laws and Acts of Parliament of this Kingdom. And We ordain these Presents to be Printed,

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concili [...] PAT. MENȜIES, Cls. Sti [...] [...].

GOD save the KING.

EDINBURGH, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His Most Sacred Majes [...]

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