A PROCLAMATION Against Importing of Irish Cattel, or Resetting thereof.

WILLIAM By the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ire­land, Defender of the Faith: To [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms Our Shireffs in that part conjunctly and severally, specially constitute Greeting: Forasmuch­as, by the fourteenth Act of the Parliament holden in the Year one thousand six hundred eighty six, it is expresly enacted and ordained, that no Horse, Mare or Cattle whatsomever shall be imported from Ireland to this Kingdom, under the pain and Penalty of Forefaulture of the Horse, Mares or Cattel that shall be imported, and further of paying the Sum of one hundred Merks Scots for each Beast, that shall be so imported, the one half of both the Beast and Fines, to belong f [...] the Seizer and Discoverer, and the other half to his Majesty, As likewise, that no Person within this Kingdom reset or buy any Horse, Mares or Nolt, that they know to be imported out of Ireland, under the pain of one hundred Merks Scots, for each Beast, besides the Forefaulture of the Beasts themselves, the one half to belong to the Discoverer, (he alwise pursuing and instructing the Importation within six Moneths after) and the other half to his Majesty: And We being resolved, that due and exact obedience shall be given to the foresaid Act of Parliament for the time to come, and that the same shall be execute, with all rigour against such as transgress the same. Therefore, We with the Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council in pursuance of, and conforme to the foresaid Act of Parliament, strictly prohibite and discharge the importing of any Horse, Mares, Cows or other Cattel from Ireland into this Kingdom, either by the Natives thereof or Inhabi­tants in Ireland, or any other Forraigners whatsomever, and all Persons to buy or reset any Horses, Mares or Nolt, that they know to be imported out of Ireland, after the Day and Date hereof under the pains above-mentioned respective, contained in the foresaid Act of Parliament, for importing buying or resetting any Horse, Mares or Nolt imported from Ireland contrary thereunto. Likeas, We with advice foresaid for the more effectual Execu­tion of the Premisses, Require and Command all Collectors, Surveyers, Waiters or others imployed in uplifting and collecting Our Customs and forraign Excise, at the several Sea­ports of this Kingdom, and all Officiars of the Law whatsomever, to seaze upon all Horse, Mares and Cattel whatsomever imported from Ireland after the date hereof, or bought or re­set by whatsomever Person or Persons within this Kingdom who knew the same, to have been imported, and to detain and confiscat the same, comform to the foresaid Act of Parliament, and to pursue and exact from the several persons who shall Import, Buy or Reset, any Horse, Mares or any other Cattle imported from Ireland contrair to the foresaid Act of Parliament, the Sums and Penalties respectively above-mentioned, incurred by them through the foresaid Transgression, the one half thereof to be applyed for His Majesties use, and the other half to be detained by themselves, in manner specified in the said Act. OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, and We Charge you straitly and Command, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and to the Mercat Crosses of the seve­ral Head-Burghs and Sea-port-touns within this Kingdom, and make Publick Intimation thereat of Our pleasure in the Premisses, that none may pretend Ignorance. And Ordains these presents to be Printed; And Our Solicitor to transmit Copies thereof to the Shireffs of the several Shires and Stewarts of the Stewartries, their Deputs or Clerks, and to the Ma­gistrats of the several Sea-port-tounst, to be by them published accordingly.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii GILB. ELIOT, Cls. Sti. Concilii

GOD Save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the KING'S Most Excellent MAJESTAY, Anno. Domini 1698.

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