THe Lords of His Majesties Privy Council, considering how far the keeping of Conventicles is contrair to Law, and tends to the disturbance of the peace and quiet of the Kingdom; and that notwithstanding thereof, Conventicles are keeped and frequented in the Shires of Lanerk, Air, Renfrew, and Stewartry of Kirkcud­bright: Have therefore thought fit to prohibite and dis­charge, Likeas they do hereby prohibite and discharge all Heretors whatsoever within the foresaids Shires and Stewartry, to suffer or perinit any Conventicles or private Meetings, upon pretence of or for reli­gious Worship, to be keeped within their Houses, or in the Lands belonging to them. Certifying them if they shall contraveen, that each Heretor in whose Bounds or Lands any Conventicles shall be keeped, shall be fined in the sum of fifty pounds, Sterling money, toties quoties. And ordains these presents to be printed, and published at the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, and at the Mercat Crosses of Air, Renfrew, Lanerk, Kirkcudbright, and other places needful, that none pretend ignorance.

Al. Gibson, Cl. Sti Concilii.

EDINBƲRGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, 1669.

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