[royal blazon or coat of arms]

A PROCLAMATION, Adjourning the General Assembly.

WILLIAM and MARY by the Grace of GOD, King and Queen of Great-Brittain, France and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith;
To [...] Macers of Our Privy Council, or Mes­sengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, Conjunctly and Severally, Specially constitute, Greeting:

Forasmuchas, We being firmly resolved, that General Assemblies of the Church of this Our Antient Kingdom should meet ac­cording to Law; Did by Our Proclamation, of the date the twenty seventh day of September last; Indict and Appoint a General Assembly of the said Church, to meet at Edinburgh the sixth day of December next; And We considering, that Our being detained from Brittain beyond our Expectation, did necessarly hin­der the timely ordering of what concerned the Meeting of the said Assembly, and hoping that a Delay may be more for the Advantage of the Church in this Our Antient Kingdom, and the good of Our Service, seing thereby we shall have time fully to instruct Our Commissioner, and better prepare, and have matters in readiness for the Meeting of the said General Assembly. Therefore We with Ad­vice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, have thought fit to Delay and Adjourn the Meeting of the said General Assembly of the Church of this Our Antient Kingdom, from the said sixth day of December next, to meet at Edinburgh the twenty ninth day of March One thousand six hundred and ninety four years; And that the Members of the said Assembly be not put to the trouble of Atten­dance before that time: We hereby declare the same to be Adjourned to the said twenty ninth day of March next accordingly. OUR WILL IS HERE­FORE, and We Charge you strictly and Command, that incontinent these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh, and whole other Mercat-crosses of the Head-burghs of the several Shires within this Kingdom, and there in Our Name and Authority, make Publication of the Premisses, that none pretend Ignorance, and Ordains these Presents to be printed.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. In Supplementum Signeti.GILB. ELIOT. Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD save King VVilliam and Queen Mary.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printers to Their most Excellent Majesties, Anno DOM. 1693.

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