EDINBURGH, The last day of January, 1673.

THe Lords of His Majesties Privy Council considering, that by the tenth Act of the third Session of the second Parliament, Entituled, Act concerning Apparel, they are impowered to take such course, as they shall think fit, to make the said Act effectual; And they being fully resolved to see the said Act put in execution, have thought fit, to cause the said Act of Par­liament to be printed apart, and published at the head Burghs of the several Shires of this King­dom, that all His Majesties Subjects may have timous notice thereof, and give obedience thereto, and that no person pretend ignorance of the same. Of which Act of Parliament, the Tenor follows.

Al. Gibson, Cl. Sti. Concilii.

ACT Concerning APPARELL.

OUr Soveraign Lord, considering the great prejudice which this King­dom doth sustain, by the sumptu­ousness and prodigality which all sorts of Persons use in their Appa­rell, without regard to, or distin­ction of, their several degrees and qualities; considerable summes of money being [...] upon that occasion, unnecessarily exported out of the Kingdom, and the Native Commodities and Manufactories thereof being thereby neglected, and not improven for the use and advantage of the Inhabitants: For remeld whereof, His Majesty, with advice and consent of His Estates of Par­liament, Statutes and Ordains, that none of His Majesties Subjects of this Kingdom, of whatsoever degree, condition or quality, shall, after the first day of June, One thousand six hundered threescore thirteen Years, wear any Clothes or Apparell wherein there is any Gold or Silver; or wear any Gold or silver Laces of whatsoever kind, Buttons, Ribbands, Tracings, Fringes or Louping made of Gold or Silver; Or have any Imbroide [...]ing of Gold or Silver upon their Ap­parell, Sword belts or any other manner of way: Excepting alwayes Buttons, Buckles and Hilts of Swords of Gold-smith­work, which the Privileged Persons after-exprest are allowed to wear, and no others: And that none wear any Flowred Stuffs, Stripped Stuffs, or Brocado's of Silk, or have any Silk-lace, Gimp-lace, or any other kind of Lace or Imbroi­dering [Page 3] of Silk upon their wearing Clothes: And that no person presume to import into this Kingdom, or make, or sell therein any of the Commodities above-exprest after the date hereof; Certifying such as shall contraveen, that they shall be lyable in the pains following, viz. The Importer, Maker and Seller, shall be fyned in One thousand pounds Scots, by and attour the Confiscation of the Goods so imported, made or sold: And the Wearer thereof in Five hundered merks Scots, totiès quotiès, by and attour the Confiscation of the Clothes. And it is hereby Declared, that the Importer of such prohibited Goods shall not have Action, for the price thereof, against the Merchant, for whose use the same were imported; Nor the Seller thereof against the Buyer, albeit Bands be given for the same, if it can be made appear that the Bands were given for that cause: Excepting al­wayes from this present Act, Comedians, as to the Clothes which they make use of upon the Stage; Heraulds, as to their Coats, and His Majesties Trumpetters, And also excepting Pages and Lacqueys of the priviledged Persons afternamed, as to Silk-laces and Pasments allanerly, which they are hereby al­lowed to wear upon their Livery-clothes. And His Majesty, with advice foresaid, Doth Statute and Ordain, that none of His Subjects shall after the fi [...]st of June next, wear any Clo­thing or Apparell of Velvet, Sattin or other Stuffs of Silk, or wear any Beaver-hats, under the pain of Five hundered merks; to be payed by the Contraveener, totiès quotiès: Except Noble­men, Prelates, His Majesties Counsellors, Lords of Session, and such Barons, Knights, or Gentlemen, who have of yearly valued Rent Two thousand pounds Scots money; And the Provosts of the principal Burrows within this Kingdom; Or these that have been Provosts, and such also as shall befor the time, or have been Provosts, Baillies, Dean of Gild or Theasurer within the Town of Edinburgh: Excepting also Rectors of Universities, and the Wives of the saids Priviledged Persons, their eldest Sons and eldest Daughters unmarried, and all the Children of Noble­men. And that none wear any Ribbands or Louping made of Silk upon their Apparell, or any white Lace, or Po [...]nt made of Threed, under the pain of Five hundered merks Scots, totiès quotiès; Ex­cepting the Priviledged Persons aforesaid, who are hereby al­lowed to wear plain Taffety-ribbands upon their Apparell, and to wear white Lace, or Point made of Three upon their Linnings only. And all Persons whatsoever are hereby prohibited to wear Feathers, except Souldiers, under the pain aforesaid: But pre­judice alwayes to all ranks of Persons (except those of the Yeo­manry) to wear plain Taffety Ribbands upon such parts of their Apparell where they may have occasion of the same for Tyes; and to Women to wear Hoods and Skarfs of Taffety: And but [Page 4] prejudice to domestick servants to wear their Masters or Mistrisses old Clothes, allowed to them by this Act. And for the better effectuating hereof, His Majesty with advice foresaid, Ordains all Collectors of Assessment and Excise, and their Sub-col­lectors, Farmorers and Collectors of Customes, and Waiters in Burgh or Land, at every Term to give up, upon Oath, to the Commissioners of Excise in the several Shires and Burghs, and to the General Collectors of the Customs and Excise, Lists of all those whom they have seen and observed to transgress this Act: And it is hereby Declared, that the one half of the penalties aforesaid shall belong to themselves, and the other half shall be collected by them for His Majesties use; Trial being first taken, and the Persons found guilty, by the Commissioners of Assess­ment or Excise, Justices of Peace, or other ordinary Magistrate of the place: And such Contraveeners as they shall not give in­formation of, that the one half of their Fynes shall belong to any other person who shall discover them. And in case the said Col­lectors of Assessment and Excise, Farmorers and Collectors of Customs, or Waiters, shall failzie to give up the saids Lists as aforesaid, They shall thereby lose their places, and be incapable of that Service for ever. It is alwayes provided, that no per­sons contraveening this Act, shall be liable to the saids penalties, unless their names be given up within the space of three months after their incurring thereof: But prejudice alwayes to any other person, who shall discover the Contraveeners in manner foresaid, of the one half of the penalties, whensoever they shall discover them. Likeas, the Commissioners of His Majesties Justiciary are hereby required to give Order, at their Circuit Courts, to take up Dittays against the Transgressors of this Act; and to proceed against them, by fyning them in the summs abovemen­tioned, and to exact the same. Likeas, His Majesty, with ad­vice foresaid, Doth hereby Authorize and Impower the Lords of His Privy Council, to take such further course for making this Act effectual, as They shall think fit.

EDINBURGH, Printed by His MAjESTIES Printers, Anno Dom. 1673.

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