His Majesties GRACIOUS PROCLAMATION, For the incouraging the Subjects of the United Provinces of the Lovv-Countries, to transport themselves vvith their estates, and to settle in his Majesties Kingdom of Scotland.

CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD, KING of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith:
To all and sundry whom these may concern, Greeting.

Forasmuch as We, out of Our Innate Bounty and Royal Inclinati­on, to favour and protect Strangers, being witting to give all due incourage­ment to them to repair to, and reside within, this Our Ancient Kingdom of Scot­land; Did, in the Year 1669. with Advice and Consent of Our Estates of Parli­ament of that Kingdom, Ordain and Declare, That such Strangers who having e­states, should be willing to bring the same into this Our Kingdom, and to dwell and inhabite within the same; or who should come to set up Works or Manufactories, to be Naturalized, as Naturall-born Subjects thereof; And to enjoy Our Royal Protection, the benefice of Our Laws, and all other Priviledges which a Native doth enjoy, als freely in all respects as if they themselves had been born within the same: and that they should have freedom of Trade, and freedom to buy and purchase lands, heritages and o­ther Goods moveable and unmoveable; and to enjoy the same by succession, purchase or donation, or any o­ther manner of way, and to dispose thereof, and to transmit the same to their heirs and successors, and to enjoy all other liberties and priviledges belonging to our natural-born Subjects. And We continuing in, and being willing to prosecute, this Our Gracious Inclination, as we have by a former Declarati­on invited the Inhabitants of the United Provinces to come into Our Kingdomes; So We have thought fit hereby to Declare, That, whoever of the Subjects and Inhabitants of the United Provin­ces of the Low Countries, out of their affection to Ʋs and Our Government, or because of the oppression and troubles they meet with at home from their Governors, shall come into this Our Kingdom of Scotland, they shall be protected in their persons and estates, and shall fully possesse and enjoy the be­nefite of this Naturalization, to all intents, purposes and effects, and shall have the free exercise of their Religion and Worship, with all other privileges and advantadges enjoyed by, or belonging to, the Naturall-born Subjects of that Our Kingdom. And as they shall be free from all trouble, hazard or seizure in their Transport; So all the Ships and Vessels which shall transport them, their families, estates, goods or merchandise, or which shall belong to any persons so transporting themselves, shall have the same priviledges and immunities in matter of Trade, Navigation and Customes, as if they had been built in Scotland: And shall not pay not be lyable to any Customes, Payments or other Duties, whatsoever, other than are payed by the Naturall-born Subjects of that Our Kingdom.

Tho. Hay, Cl. Sti. Concilii.

EDINBƲRGH. Printed by Andrew Anderson, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1672.

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