FOrasmuch as it hath pleased the King's Majesty, by a Letter dated the twenty sixth of this instant July, directed to His Majesties Privy Council; bearing, that whereas, His Majesty, by a Letter dated the sixth of February last, gave order, that such of the fined persons, who should be charged before Lambmass, in this instant year of GOD, one thousand six hundred and sixty four, should pay in the first moyety of their fines betwixt and the feast and term of Martimass next; and the second moyety betwixt and the term of Candlemass, in the year of GOD, one thousand six hundred and sixty five: And whereas none are yet charged, the Kings Majesty requires and commands a Proclamation to be issued, in His Majesties name, requiring such as shall be charged betwixt and the last day of August next ensuing, to make ready their first moyety at, or before, the eleventh of December next, and the second moyety at, or before, the eleventh of March, in the year of GOD, one thousand six hundred and sixty five, and that under the pains contained in the Act of Parliament, entituled, Anent persons excepted forth of the Act of Indempnity. As also, declaring, that citations at the Mercat-crosses of the respective Shires where the fined persons do reside, shall be a sufficient citation. Therefore, the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council, in obedience to His Majesties commands, ordains a Macer to make intimation of His Majesties Royal pleasure foresaid, concerning the fined persons by the said Act of Parliament, by open Proclamation at the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh; requiring and commanding, in His Majesties name, all persons concerned to give obedience, as they will be answerable under all highest pain; and declares the same to be as sufficient, as if Proclamation were made at all the Mercat-crosses of the head Burghs of the several Shires of this Kingdom. And ordains these presents to be printed and published, that none pretend ignorance.

Pet. Wedderburne, Cl. Sti Concilii.

Edinburgh, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent MAJESTY, 1664.

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