ADVERTISEMENT, Anent Stollen goods in the HIE-LANDS.

FOrasmuch as the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council have granted Commission to Sir James Campbell of Lawyers, until the first day of January next to come; To pursue, apprehend and bring to justice all Thieves, and broken men, haunting and re­sorting within the Shires of Innerness, on the south side of Ness, Nairn, Murray, Bamff, Aberdene, Mearns, Angus, Perth, Argyle, Cl [...]kmannan, Monteith, Stirling, and Dumbartan: By accept­ing of which Commission the said Sir James Campbel is oblidged, when any Theft is committed within the saids Shires, Either to restore the goods, or the true pryces thereof, without pay­ment of money, or composition, or otherwise to apprchend the Thieves, and bring them to Justice; Provyding, that within five days after the Committing of the Theft, intimation thereof be given to the said Sir James himself, or at the Town of Dum­blane to Alexander Cheislie Baillie thereof; at Perth to John Stew­art Merchant Burgess there; at Straphillan, to Duncan Camp­bel in Auchtertyre; at Castletoun of brae of Marr, to John Mckein­ȝie in Castletoun; and at Ruthven of Badȝenoch, to Thomas Mcpherson in Kyllie Huntlie; or to David Cumming nottar at Ruth­ven of Badȝenoch; Or at the saids Persons their dwelling hou­ses, in the saids places, who are appointed to remain there to re­ceive intimations. These are therefore to give Advertisement to all Persons Concerned, That, when any Theft happens to be committed within the bounds abovewritten, they may give ty­mous notice thereof as aforesaid: Likeas all Landlords, Chiefs of Clans, and others, His Majesties Subjects, are to concur with the said Sir James Campbel in the execution of the said Commis­sion, which is granted but Prejudice or Derogation, in any sort, from the Bands given for securing of the Peace. And it is orde­red that these Presents be Printed; And that the Sheriffs of the several Shires foresaids cause Publish the same at the several Mar­ket Crosses and Parish Kirks within these Shires, that all Per­sons Concerned may have notice.

A. Gibson, Cl. Sti. Consilii.

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