ACT OF PRIVY COUNCIL, Anent the Militia and Detatchments thereof, and Deserters and Run-aways from the same; and providing of Horses, &c. in His Majesties Service.

THE Lords of His Majesties Privy Council do Ordain, That when His Majesties Service re­quires any Detatchments to be made in the Militia, for the future, that the respective Com­manders of the Militia Regiments, make the said Detatchments proportionally from the per­sons lyable to Outreik the Militia: As likewise, They do Ordain, that when any mans Arms is taken, and given to another, whom the Officers thinks fitter for the said Service, they are to give to the owner of the saids Arms, a Note, obliging them to return the same; And that the said Militia, and all the Detatchments thereof, may prove effectual for His Majesties Service, The saids Lords do hereby Decern and Ordain, any Run-aways, or Deserters of His Majesties Militia, or Detatchments thereof, to be lyable to Corporal Punishment, according to Law; and that the Master, or any other who shall Reset the said Deserter, or Run-away, shall be punished with all rigor, as the saids Lords of the Privy Council shall think fit; And that the Outre [...]kers of the said Deserter, or Deserters, upon Intimation by the Officer, shall be forthwith obliged to furnish others in their place; With Certification, that the saids Outreikers shall be lyable to the Pains and Penalties contained in the Acts of Parliament, anent the Deficients of the Militia. And to the end, that the saids Deserters, or Run­aways may be known, the respective Collonels, and other Commanders, are hereby Ordered to cause P [...]oclaim the Names of such Run-aways and Deserters, at all the Church-Doors of the Shire, that none may pretend Ignorance in [...]e [...]etting of them; And for the encouragement of all concerned in the said Mili [...]ia, Ordains the Pay due to the Souldiers, to be given in to the Officers, and by them to be payed to the Souldiers dayly, according to their Service and attendance, as they will be answerable. As likewise, The saids Lords for preventing any abuses for the future, by pressing of Horses for the use of His Majesties Forces, or Artillerie, Do Require and Command, That in all time coming, when Horses are needful for His Majesties Service, in, and about Edinburgh, That the Commanding Officer give in a Note to His Majesties Privy Council of the number of Horses, and Furniture needful for the time, and that the saids Horses be proportionally furnished, viz. The one half by the Town of Edinburgh, and the other by the Shire of Mid-Lothian; And for that effect, that an Order be direct to the Provost of Edinburgh, and another to the Clerk for the Supply of the Shire, who is hereby Ordered to cast the Quota conform to the valuation, and send the several proportions of the respective Paroches, to one of the Justices of the Peace of the said Paroch, who is hereby forthwith Ordered to send the saids Horses and Furniture to the place appointed by the Council: And for that effect, the saids Justices are hereby Impowered and Authorized to seize Horses, and Fine or Imprison the Deficients; And further to prevent abuses in the furnishing of Horses, the Magistrats of Edinburgh are hereby peremptorly Discharged to take, or press any Horses from any persons, except from their own Inhabitants, and these living in their Town and Suburbs, and under their Jurisdiction: And the Lords of Council do hereby expresly and peremptorly Prohibite and Discharge any Officers, or Souldiers, whether of His Majesties Standing-Forces, or Mi­litia, to press, or seize any Horses, upon pretence of His Majesties Service, without express Warrand from the Lord High Chancellor, or a Privy Councellour at least, as they will be answerable at their highest peril. And the saids Lords Declare, notwith­standing of the Speciality foresaid, that this Act is to be extended, as to the whole Shires of the Kingdom, and Ordain the same to be put in Execution accordingly, every manner of way, as is above-expressed. And to the end these Presents may be made known, Ordain the same to be Published at the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, by the Macers of Council, and by Mes­sengers at Arms, at the whole other Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs of the Shires of this Kingdom, that none may pre­tend ignorance. Extracted by me

COL: McKENȜIE Cls. Sti. Concilii.

GOD Save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty, Anno Dom. 1688.

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