ACT Discharging the vending of any Goods brought from England, till they abide their fourty dayes Tryal.

THe Lords of His Majesties Privy Council considering, that albeit it hath pleased the Almighty GOD to abate the violence of the Plague of Pesti­lence at London, and other places infected in the Kingdom of England; Yet there is great reason to fear and apprehend, that this Kingdom may be in danger, by suffering a free Commerce and Trade to all persons, and permitting them to vend their Commodities before tryal; seing, by sad ex­perience, it hath been found, that the Infection may lurk for a long time in Merchant Wares and Commodities, and after handling thereof will break out again, to the great prejudice of the people and places where they are brought. Therefore, they, by these presents, discharge all Mer­chants, Traffickers or other persons whatsoever, who shall bring any Wares or Commodities from England, either by Sea in Ships and Vessels, or by Land in Packs and other Carriages into this Kingdom, to unload the saids Vessels, or open the saids Packs and Carriages, untill first they acquaint the Sheriffs, Iustices of Peace, Magistrates of Burghs, or others His Majesties Officers of these Shires and Burghs where they shall happen first to come, where they did loaden their Goods; and that they receive orders for their fourty dayes tryal, and in what places they shall handle their Wares and Commodities during that time, conform to, and under the pains contained in, a former Act of Council, dated the twelfth of July last: And com­mands and charges all the saids Sheriffs, Iustices of Peace, Magistrates of Burghs, and others His Majesties Officers within their respective bounds, to meet and conveen, and give order for such Guards, Watches, Overseers, Houses and Places, as they shall think most convenient for putting of this Act in execution, and for doing every other thing that shall be necessar for that effect: With certi [...]ication, if they fallȝie, they shall be punished in their Persons and Goods to the terror of ot [...]rs. And ordains these presents to stand in force till the first of June next, and longer, during the Councils pleasure; And that the same be printed, and published at the Mercat-cross of Edinburgh, Peer and Shoar of Lieth, and other places needfull, that none pretend ignorance.

Pet. Wedderburne, Cl. Sti Concilii.

EDINBƲRGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, 1666.

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