AN ACT Appointing a FAST throughout the vvhole Kingdom OF SCOTLAND.

CHARLES, by the Grace of God, King of Great Brittain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
To all and sundry Our Lieges and Subjects whom it effeirs, Greeting.

Forasmuch, as the Almigh­ty God, in His most Wise and Righteous Providence, after the sinfull abuse of His most signal mercies of the blessed Gospel, of Our Own and Our Subjects wonderfull Deliverance from the Yoke of Usurpa­tion and Bondage, by the almost Miraculous Restauration of Us to the exercise of Our Government, and of the long and mercifull Continuance of Our despised Peace and Plenty; Doth, by His Warnings and Judgements incumbent and impendent, manifestly discover His Anger and Displeasure against the grie­vous Sins of this Kingdom; and particularly by the sad and pinching dearth, whereby many indigent per­sons and families are reduced to a starving condition, and by the long and threatning Drought, the Lord, in His Righteous Judgement, having so long bound up the Clouds, making the Heavens Brass, and the Earth Iron, thereby threatning Our Subjects of this Kingdom with the breaking of the Staff of their Bread, and with the dreadful plague of Famine: Which Dispensation doth with a loud voice call upon all ranks of people for speedy and true Repentance, and the Na­tional expression hereof by deep Mourning and solemn Fasting and Humiliation.

Therefore We, with Advice and Consent of the Lords of Our Privy Council, do Ordain a day of Publick and Solemn Fasting and Humiliation to be keeped and observed by all the people of this Kingdom in the several Paroches thereof; Strictly Command­ing and Requiring them upon that day, to cease from all the Works of their ordinary Callings, and to repair to their respective Pa­roch Churches, and there make solemn Confession of their Sins, and implore the Divine Mercy for the Land, by Praying, Mour­ning, Fasting, and such other Devotions, as are requisite and usual upon such dayes of Publick Humiliation: And more par­ticularly, Humbly to Confess and Mourn for the great Neglect and Contempt of, and Disobedience to the Blessed Gospel, and the Ordinances thereof, and the great and lamentable increase and prevalency of Atheism, Profaneness, and Irreligion which is thereby occasioned, and for the sinfull undervaluing of the great Blessing of Peace so long enjoyed by Our Subjects under Our Go­vernment. By all which, and many other crying Sins, the Lords Jealousie and Anger are kindled, and His hand is stretched out against this Kingdom, threatning the Destruction of the Fruits of the Ground, the necessarie Provision for the Life of Man and Beast, that by serious Mourning for, and sincere and hearty turning from these provoking Sins, the Lord may graciously pardon them and repent Him of the evil seemingly determined by Him, and most righteously deserved by us, and may open the Clouds and grant the latter Rain in its due season and measure, reserving for us the appointed weeks of the Harvest. And for this end and purpose, We, with Advice foresaid, do seriously recommend to, and require the Arch-Bishops and Bishops, to be carefull that this Fast be duely observed by the Ministers in their respective Diocesses, as followes; To the Arch-Bishops of St. Andrews and Glasgow, the Bishops of Edinburgh, Dunkell, Brechin and Dumblane, to cause it to be intimated in the several Paroch Kirks of their Diocies upon Sunday, the twenty fifth, and observed on Wednesday, the twenty eighth of July instant; and the remanent Bishops, whose Diocies are more remote, to cause it to be intimated on Sunday, the first of August, and to be observed the fourth of Angust next. And as to such Ministers, who, by reason of their distance from Edinburgh, cannot be so soon advertised, that they celebrate this Fast upon the next convenient Wednesday thereafter.

Per Actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii. Al. Gibson, Cl. Sti Concilii.

God save the King.

EDINBURGH, Printed by Andrew Anderson, Printer to the King's most Excellent MAJESTY. Anno 1675.

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