The Religious Mans Exhortation to all Persons of what Degree soever, Especially Youth; that they may Fear God and Honour their Parents.

Reform thy Life then free from strife,
thou wouldst be perfect free,
When e're you Dye, assuredly,
to true Felicity.
To the Tune of, The Young-man's Legacy: Or, Sinners Redemption.
BOth young and old I pray attend,
unto the Counsel which I give.
And learn your sinful Lives to mend,
so may you here in comfort live.
Sin is the cause of trouble here,
as we by true experience find,
But if the Lord we serve and fear,
it will bring comfort to our mind.
Let us our Lives begin anew,
to God in true obedience stand,
Let Envy now be turned to
pure love & friendship through the Land.
For where we find this bears th [...] sway,
in no ways will they disagree,
But strive all a [...]ger to allay,
and bear with any Injury.
Young men and Maids to you likewise,
I have a word or two to say,
See that these Lines you highly prize,
'twill be your own another day.
First God alone you ought to fear,
and let not Satan you insnare,
Next honour your kind Parents dear,
who brought you up in tender care.
Be sure you never do offend
your loving Parents meek and mild,
For sure no blessing can attend
a [...]isobedient stubborn Child.
Respect to them you ought to show,
you can't too much in duty do;
You are not able now to know,
what they in love have done for you.
Let Reason be your rule and guide,
to all your act [...]ons take good heed,
And mind Religion more then Pride,
for it will stand you in more stead.
Prize Vertue here far more then Vice,
and think upon thy future state,
Let not strange fashions you intice,
they are but as a Golden Bait,
For to betray the minds of Youth,
but in the end this forrow brings,
O hearken to the word of truth,
which soon will learn you better things.
For should you spend your Youthful prime,
in taking sinful Liberty,
It is but as a moments time,
compared to Eternity.
For when thy Glass of Life in run,
and that thou must resign thy breath,
Thou wilt be ruin'd and undone,
if thou art not prepar'd for Death.
The Lord our Person does protect,
from him why should you go astray?
No longer now your time neglect,
repent while it is call'd to day.
Seek to the Lord thy Soul to save,
death neither old nor young will spare,
For many drops into the Grave,
while in their blooming years they are.
Then to the Lord for Mercy try,
who will his Grace and Favour give.
And then being prepar'd to dye,
we are the fitter then to Live:
Consider well what I have said,
the may you all be happy still,
And never in the least afraid
of Death let him come when he will.

This may be Printed,

R. P.

Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Gold [...] Ball i [...] [...]

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