A ROYAL PROPHECY, Written long since concerning the KINGS RESTAURATION To his Crown in 1660.

HOld out brave Charles, for thou shalt win the Field,
Thou canst not lose the day, unless thou yield
In such Conditions as may force thy band
To give away thy Scepter, Crown, and Land:
And which is worse, to hazard by thy fall,
To lose a greater Crown worth more than all.
Thy poor dejected Cavaliers rejoyced,
To hear thy Royal Restitution voyced:
And are contented far more poor to be,
Than yet they are; so it reflects from thee.
We are not so ambicious to desire,
Our d [...]opping Fortunes should be mounted higher:
When thou so great a Monarch (to our grief)
Must sue unto thy Subjects for relief:
And when they sit and long debate about it,
Must either stay a time or go without it.
No (Sacred Prince) thy Friends esteem thee more.
Since thy Distresse, than ere they did before.
And though our Wings be clipt, our Wishes fly
To Heav'n by Millions for a fresh supply;
That as thy Cause was so betrayed by men,
It may by Angels be restor'd agen.
The time will come, and sure tis nigh,
Though Blood it cost, and many dye,
To purchase it, that Peace shall come,
And quite dismiss Rebellion:
Madnesse. submit to Reason, and
Each his Religion understand:
Ignorance again be loath'd of Men,
And treason be call'd treason, then
The Royal Lion shall supply
His Awfull throne of Majesty.
The Publick Faith shall then by many
Be cry'd abroad, all for a penny.
Your Cupboard-heads shall then stand free
From Popish Silvers Imagry,
Your Loans and well-affected Losses
Shall testifie your hate to Crosses.
If that should fail, you know an art,
Call'd twenty times the twenty part;
And then your Instruments of War,
Shall turned be to Gibbits, for
Your Cariage-sleadge, your Pollaxe will
Serve you to be a Pollaxe still.
The Law a Sacrafice will have,
The Ram then Isaac shall not save:
B [...]th must be offer'd, both must bleed;
No Angel then will interceed.
Each Cities Gate will be renew'd,
And stuck with Limbs from Traylors hew'd.
Then Justice shall proceed, and then
The Axe awe those who slight the Pen.
He too will suffer in that day,
Who did lye still, yet ran away.
The indifferent Lords shall give good words
Then to be call'd indifferent Lords.
The Pulpit then shall utter Sence,
And Learning counted no Offence.
Sound Doctrine then more us'd shall be;
Then Faces noyse and Blasphemy.
Militia Captains shall once more
Go break: as they have done before.
And surely some receive such checks,
Will bring them off with broken Necks.
The Presbyters will then go near
To shake hands with the Cavaleer:
Order shall be confirm'd; and then
We shall have good Lord Maiors agen.
All this and more I prophecy,
They're now alive shall live to see.
Now the Phanatique-brood's subdu'd,
That foo'ld so long the multitude.
Astra regunt homines, sed regit astra Deus.

London, Printed for H. B. at the Gun in Ivy-Lane. 1660.

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