A TRUE COPY of the PAPER Delivered By Brigadier Rookwood, TO THE SHERIFF At TYBURN, the Place of EXECUTION. April. 29. 1696.

WIlls of Dying Men, were ever Sacred, and as such ought to be fulfill'd. The Sufferer a Man of Deeds, more than Words, by way of Will made to the People, consign'd his Thoughts to Paper; The Paper to the Sheriff to be Publish'd. To this Paper as he told the said Sheriff he referr'd himself; And that he might not fail of his Intent, some days before his Execution, he had Transmitted a Copy of it to a Friend, who since the Sheriff has so long fail'd of his Trust and Duty, resolves to supply it by doing His. Take it therefore in Print. Mr. She­riff cannot but Own it to be the same Word for Word.


HAving committed the Justice of my Cause and recommended my Soul to God, on whose Mercies, through the Merits of Jesus Christ, I wholly Cast my self; I had once resolv'd to die in Silence; But second Thoughts of my Duty to others, Chiefly to my True and Liege Sovereign K. James, moved me to leave this behind me.

I do therefore, with all Truth and Sincerity, Declare and Avow, I never Knew, Saw, or Heard, of any Order or Commission from K. James for the Assassinating of the Prince of Orange, and Attacking his Guards; But I am Certainly inform'd, he had rejected Proposals of That Naure, when made unto him.

Nor do I think He Knew the least of the Particular Design of Attack­ing the Guards at his Landing, in which I was engag'd as a Soldier, by my Immediate Commander, (much against my Judgment,) But his Sol­dier I was, and as such I was to Obey and Act.

Near twelve years, I have serv'd my True King and Master K. James, and freely now lay down my Life in his Cause. I ever Abhor'd a Trea­cherous Action even to an Enemy. If it be a Guilt to have Complied with what I thought, and still think to have been my Duty, I am Guilty. No other Guilt do I Own.

As I beg all to forgive me, so I forgive all from my Heart, even the Prince of Orange, who as a Soldier ought to have consider'd my Case, be­fore he Sign'd the Warrant for my Death. I pray God to open his Eyes and render him Sensible of the Much Blood from all Parts Crying out against him, so to prevent a Heavier Execution Hanging over his Head, than what he Inflicts on me.

LONDON, Printed in the Year 1696.

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